I got the worst Secret Santa gift –  they didn't stick to the budget & it could've killed me if I didn’t spot the truth | The Sun

FROM mugs to bath and body sets, it can be hard to think outside the box when it comes to Secret Santa – with much of it rubbish that ends up in the bin.

But one woman named Valerie believes she can trump anyone when it comes to the worst Secret Santa gift ever received for Christmas – after being gifted food that was four years out of date.

In the clip posted to TikTok (@valeriebubbletea), she begins by explaining exactly what she hates about doing Secret Santa.

"We were doing Secret Santa, and we established a budget….I stuck to the budget," she says.

"I get my gift, and guess what?

"This b**** gave me expired food…you know people fall sick eating expired food, right?"



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Valerie goes on to say that while people may be thinking it'd expired one or two weeks ago, she notes how it'd actually been expired by four years.

"So far from the budget, you didn't even buy anything….just gave me some garbage from your home," she rages.

"And while it's one thing to give me garbage from your home, it's another thing to give me something that could could kill me.

"It's supposed to be a gift, not a curse…and I know some people will be like, 'oh, but Christmas is not about the presents…'b***h tried to kill me with expired food, okay?

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"And I trusted her because you don't assume people would just give you expired food, right?

"So I served it at a party, and people were like, why does this food taste weird? And that's how I found out it was expired.

"The b**** embarrassed me. and that is why I hate Secret Santa."

Valerie captioned the post: "If I had known they gave me FOOD THAT EXPIRED 4 YEARS AGO I’d serve it to them first."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up over 32k views and several comments from social media users – with many sharing their own stories.

"I received a male's mouldy wallet when it was supposed to be… a unisex gift," wrote one.

A second penned: "Yes I hate gift exchange too..but your case is a winner."

A third noted: "Na WHAT THE HELL!"

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I once received a hand cream that expired for a few years…lucky I check else my hand rot."

And another chimed in: "I think this is proof that secret Santa should end…jobs should give bonus cheques."

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