I found an Amazon top that makes my boobs look great without a bra – it's a cheaper dupe of a viral $165 tank | The Sun

A DUPE for a much pricier top has won the approval of one fashion fan.

She said the $28 top from Amazon is comparable to a viral $165 version and looks great without a bra.

Kate (@8kateee) went on the hunt for a flattering tank top after seeing another social media user gush about hers on TikTok.

The other TikToker, Ida Giancola (@dionysian.girl), raved about a pricey top from the brand Tank Air.

"I am never going to shut up about how good these Tank Air tanks are," she said.

But Kate needed a tank top that fit her big chest โ€” and also didn't cost a fortune.

Replying to Ida's video, she said: "This is the big t***y, cheap girl version, because first of all, my pepperoni nips could never do that cut.

"And second, that tank top is $165 and I was like, OK, is it made of gold? No, it's made of nylon and spandex.

"And this tank top is also made of nylon and spandex. I'll put the exacts on the screen.

"It also makes my boobs look great without a bra. Iโ€™ve got to do what Iโ€™ve got to do," she added.

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The original tank top worn by Ida is Tank Air's Play Camisole, $165.

Kate's dupe for the pricy top is by Artdear and costs $27.99 from Amazon.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"You are so real for this," one wrote.

"What would I do without you?" another fashion review fan chimed in.

"Pepperoni nips, but like same sis. My girls would flop right out of that original top," a third commented.

"You do the Lord's work," yet another wrote.

โ€œ'Pepperoni nips' you are so real and thatโ€™s why I love you," one more said.

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