I bought some hairclips on Temu for 30p but now I'm living in regret – whatever you do, don't give them your number | The Sun

THEY might have hugely cheap prices.

But there's a downside to shopping on Temu, one woman has insisted – explaining that she has received more spam calls than ever before since buying something on the site.

"Is anyone else suffering the wrath of Temu?" Annalise said in a video on her TikTok page.

"I'm literally suffering the karma of buying off of Temu!"

She continued: "If anyone says they bought from Temu, you don't need to try and cancel us, okay?

"Because we're already suffering enough!"

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Annalise insisted that she never used to get spam calls, but has had more in the last two months than "I think anyone has received in their entire life".

"Like, scam call after scam call. And I never used to get scam calls before, right!" she said.

"And they'll fully be from numbers I don't know. I'll get a message saying, 'Oh my God, I thought this was you', and someone sent me a TikTok link."

As well as that, she also started getting FaceTime calls as well, and even nearly didn't answer one that turned out to be her grandma in Croatia.

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"I thought my grandma was a scammer!" she laughed.

"And I'll get a message at like 2am saying, 'This package failed to deliver, click this link' or whatever. At 2am," Annalise added.

"And the common denominator is me buying s**t off Temu.

"So I got a bunch of hairclips for like 60 cents but now I'm going to be suffering for what, like the rest of my life?

"How much of my details did they sell?"

Annalise said she didn't save any of her bank details on the app, and has also deleted her account now.

But she concluded: "If anyone says they bought something off Temu, just know that they're getting like 30 scam calls a day!"

"Temu karma is real," she captioned her video.

People were quick to weigh in on her revelation in the comments section, with one writing: "I WAS WONDERING WHY I WAS GETTING SO MANY SPAM CALLS RANDOMLY!"

"I’m suffering from the text messages," another added.

"The emails. the texts. I CANT DO IT ANYMORE!" a third groaned.

"I haven’t even bought anything from it i just signed up for the app and this is still happening to me," someone else admitted.

"I don't get called I get texted like crazy tho," another wrote.

While someone else commented: "I work in credit card fraud and the amount of cards getting compromised after a temu purchase is wild."

"The amount of texts I’ve received from them is astronomical!" another sighed.

"That's why I like shein," someone else insisted.

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"Cause I always get my packages and they never send you random messages/links."

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