Zach Bryan Stated 'These F***ing Cops Are Out of Control' During Arrest

zach bryan

Zach Bryan was none too pleased with the cop who pulled over his security guard for speeding, unleashing a verbal attack and threatening to get government officials involved after he was placed in handcuffs.

The police report, obtained by TMZ, explains Bryan’s security guard was initially pulled over in Vinita, Oklahoma for driving 78 in a 55. That’s when Bryan, driving a black Ram TRX pickup truck also pulled over, got out of his vehicle and began questioning the officer as to what was taking so long.

Cops say they asked Bryan twice to get back in his truck, informing him he’d be taken to jail if he didn’t comply … to which Bryan replied, “I’ll go to jail, let’s do it.”

The report states the officer continued to explain to Bryan how his actions had interfered in the initial traffic stop, and Bryan said his arrest was, “why people do not like police officers.”

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Things only escalated from there, Bryan asked to be let out of the handcuffs and promised he’d get back in his truck while also allegedly stating, “If you don’t, it is going to be a mistake sir. I promise.” Adding, “This is the second time this has happened in 3 days. These f***ing cops are out of control.”

Bryan wasn’t done yet, allegedly stating, “You boys need checked, a bunch of f***in middle aged white dudes arresting people.”

The arresting officer informed Bryan he wasn’t going to be taking off the handcuffs, and had spoken with the Assistant District Attorney who said the arrest was legit. That’s when cops say Bryan became somewhat apologetic, while also threatening to get the Mayor involved.

zach bryan

Bryan was traveling with his dog and called his father to come and pick up the pooch. Cops say when Bryan was on the phone with his dad, his dad said he’d be getting the Governor of Oklahoma involved.

As we reported, Bryan posted a video Friday explaining the details of the arrest, and that he had also been pulled over just a few days before for a speeding violation.

Bryan was booked for obstruction of an investigation but released shortly after.

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