Taylor Swift puts ice cubes in wine – and experts have a very strong opinion

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Taylor Swift was seen unapologetically putting ice cubes into her wine in the new Netflix documentary Miss Americana.

That particular scene made the Grammy-winning singer a lot more relatable to many of us.

However, some wine experts may squirm at the sight of a glass of white wine filled with ice cubes.

In the documentary, which is streaming on the streaming platform now, the Blank Space hitmaker is seen preparing dinner with her longtime friend Abigail.

In the process, Taylor offers her friend some ice cubes to chill down her glass wine while they wait for their meal to be ready.

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The pair then go on to fill their glasses completely with ice cubes before pouring some white wine in them.

Sayle Milne, certified wine educator and founder of Wine Savvy NYC, told Refinery29 that while itโ€™s not the worst thing you could do, adding ice cubes should be done in measure.

She said: “When it comes to putting ice cubes in your wine, I say you do you.

“Put one or two cubes in, give your glass a vigorous swirl for about five seconds and then fish those cubes out.

“You get the benefit of chilling the wine down without the ice melting, diluting the wine, and changing the flavor.”

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But Milne highlighted that this also depends on the type of wine being consumed.

For some cheaper, โ€œeverydayโ€ wines it is accepted, while high-quality wine should be properly chilled in the fridge or the freezer.

She continued: “Have I put ice cubes in my everyday wine? Yes. Would I put them into a glass of DRC Montrachet? Never.

โ€œIf you are drinking a high-quality wine, please take the extra 20 minutes to chill that bottle down properly in the freezer.โ€

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