Tamar Braxton Doesn't Feel 'Safe Anywhere' After Posting Video Getting ROBBED!

Oh no!

Tamar Braxton just posted security cam footage of her car getting ROBBED!! In the emotional Instagram post shared on Monday, the singer included several recordings of a group of guys rummaging through her car in a parking garage and seemingly stealing various items, remarking:

“I got robbed. At home. I’m not safe anywhere. I don’t know why I keep getting violated.”

It was especially bad for Tamar this time, as she added:

“I had a lot in my car cause I don’t live anywhere cause I’m not safe anywhere or with anyone

Jeez. So terrible! Take a look at the shocking footage (below)!


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Damn. They really took their time, too. Ugh! It’s unclear if she’s taken any legal action or tried to track down her stuff. Not that the cops can usually do anything about stolen goods. Oof. What a devastating incident, though! Especially if she had so many belongings in the car! Who knows what valuable items could’ve been stolen??

That said, fans found her caption incredibly concerning, especially the part about not living anywhere — and how she stressed how unsafe she feels “anywhere” and “with anyone.” It’s unclear why she doesn’t have a place to live at the moment. We hope her fiancé Jeremy “JR” Robinson is at least providing comfort in this stressful time! Why isn’t she living with him? And why doesn’t she feel safe with him? Did something happen between them?? It’s such an upsetting thing for her to say, maybe even as disturbing as the robbery!

Fans poured their messages of support in the comments, writing:

“Nooooooooo!! I hate this so much! These are kids……they need to learn a lesson. I’m so sorry babe….praying for everything to recovered back to you ten fold and prayers for peace of mind”

“Damn I’m so sorry to see this happen to you Tamar”

“No one understands how this feels until it happens to them. Man. Hate this for you”

“It’s really sad that they all look like children. Parents have to do better.”

The reality star added another update in her IG Story, giving fans a hopeful update:


So glad she’s staying positive. We are sending Tamar SOOO much love right now!!

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