Sarah Beeny speaks out on breaking point as husband issued marriage ultimatum

Sarah Beeny revealed her husband Graham Swift reached his breaking point after he issued an ultimatum.

The broadcaster, 51, who has been married to her husband for 21 years, has said her marriage was “hanging on by fingernails”.

In a new interview, Sarah admitted during her cancer battle she became “particularly horrible” and as a result their relationship became strained.

Speaking of the highs and lows, the mum of four realised her mistake after Graham gave her an ultimatum.

Speaking to Gabby Logan on The Mid-Point Podcast, Sarah said: “We’re hanging on in there by our fingernails. I mean, it’s not easy, is it? Graham always said, ‘The day we have to work at our marriage, I’m going to leave’.

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“And I was like, ‘Really?’ But I think he has had to work at it, to be honest. I was being particularly horrible, because I have been a bit horrible in the last couple of years, to be honest at times.”

She continued: “I was being particularly horrible, he said, ‘You know the thing is Sarah, you’re not prepared to leave and have your children half the time, and neither am I, so we’re going to stay together.

“And we’re going to stay together happily or unhappily, so which would you like it to be?’ And I was like, oh that is quite dark, isn’t it? He said, ‘You wanna be happy or unhappy, because either way we’re still going to live together’, so I was like, ‘OK we’ll do happy then, shall we?’ he was like, ‘What a good idea. Maybe you should be a bit nicer?’ I was like, ‘Yeah alright I will’. So logical, isn’t it?”

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Sarah shared she ended up confiding in her brother Diccon, who gave her some advice to fix their relationship.

She explained: “I rang my brother and said, ‘Right that’s it, Graham’s being so annoying, I think we’re going to split up,’ and he listened to me for ages… he said, ‘I get it Sarah, it must be horrendous being married to him.

“The only thing I think that could be worse is being married to you. So I suggest you go and make up!’ So all is well.”

The couple, who set up a property-developing business, tied the knot in 2002 and share four sons, Billy, Charlie, Rafferty, and Laurie.

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