Hugh Jackman Addresses Split with Wife on Camera, Calls It Difficult Time

Hugh Jackman isn’t quite ready to talk about his split from his wife beyond what he’s already said in a statement — but even when pressed by a photog … the dude was all class.

The actor was approached by a pap Saturday in NYC, where he got peppered with questions about his separation from Deborra-lee Furness — whom Hugh has been married to for the last 27 years … and which came out of nowhere Friday in a shock announcement.

Hugh Jackman

Check out what he had to say about it in person … the videographer was wondering what sort of personal growth he and Deborra-lee would be pursuing — something they alluded to in their remarks — and Hugh actually gave the guy the time of day, in a very polite way.

For starters, HJ says he doesn’t feel right discussing the matter right then and there in an impromptu interview — which is fair. He says he appreciates the photog’s thoughts, but when the guy pushes a bit further … Hugh says flat out, they’re going through a hard time.

hugh jackman Deborra-Lee Furness

The pap pivots to “Deadpool 3” and asks when he thinks they might be able to resume filming — and Hugh says as soon as they’re allowed to … referencing the ongoing strike.

Like we said … he couldn’t have been more graceful here. Considering how personal of a situation it is and Hugh’s private nature — he handled this interaction as well as possible.

Hugh and Debora-lee were one of these longtime couples who everyone thought would stand the test of time … but as we’ve seen a lot this year already, some of the sturdiest relationships in Hollywood are seeing their end.

Here’s to happier times, Hugh. Be well.

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