Harry Potters Daniel Radcliffe is unrecognisable as he unveils ripped physique

Miracle Workers: End Times Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe is totally unrecognisable after unveiling the astonishing transformation he’s made for the season finale of TBS’ Miracle Workers.

Now 34, he’s been boasting a muscular, ripped physique quite unlike the one he was known for in his earlier days.

Gone is the adorably nerdy wizard demeanour from his Harry Potter days, only to be replaced by a warrior who lets out blood-curdling screams as he tears into robots in the latest edition of the futuristic comedy series.

Daniel has appeared in every single one of the four Miracle Workers series to date, playing a different character’s role each time.

This season, road warrior Sid is on top form as he negotiates a post-nuclear apocalyptic world – and his body seems to be more chiselled and defined than ever before.

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Yet it’s not just his body that has changed – it’s the character he displays on screen as well, as he gets his teeth into ever more challenging and diverse roles.

The violent demeanour he displayed in Season Four of Miracle Workers this month is worlds apart from his early guises.

In the first season back in 2019, he masqueraded as a heroic angel deadset on preventing the world’s destruction.

By the second one the following year, he’d transformed into a royal with the eyebrow-raising name Prince Chauncley The Pretty Cool, while in the third series, he’d been the epitome of squeaky clean as Reverend Ezekiel Brown leading his congregation to a better life.

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Up to that point, some had still regarded Daniel as the innocent-looking child star he’d been decades earlier, and he’d maintained a youthful face for years.

However, there’s no doubt that his career has taken on a new direction with Miracle Workers.

The only other main time fans have had a glimpse of his body was when he performed nude for the 2007 West End theatrical version of Equus.

Daniel has now expressed uncertainty about ever stepping back in time to revisit his iconic old role, even after it was announced that the Harry Potter series would be turned into a TV show.

He told Comicbook.com: “My understanding is that they’re trying to very much start fresh.

“I’m sure whoever is making [the show] will want to make their own mark on it and probably not want to have to figure out how to get old Harry to cameo in this somewhere!”

Meanwhile, Daniel has been showing his support for his industry by joining striking media pros on the picket lines this summer.

Since July, the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have been striking in a row over pay – and Daniel took his girlfriend Erin Darke and their then three-month-old son along as he publicly supported the cause.

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