David Beckham shares rare glimpse inside very organised wardrobe

Football superstar David Beckham has treated fans to a rare glimpse inside his immaculately organised closet, as part of his new tell all documentary series, Beckham.

The 48 year old former England captain revealed the extent of his seamless organisation skills as he took fans on a walk in tour of his stunning wardrobe, which was organised so thoroughly, even the queen of minimalist tidying Mari Kondo would be impressed.

During the brief tour, David revealed that he had a special system in place to help organise his clothes, with everything organised by both type and colour, before being folded in a specific way to make everything visible and functional in the ample space provided.

While explaining his method, the camera cut to the wardrobe, which saw his underwear and socks perfectly folded within the drawer, while his t-shirts were stored at a precise angle to make sure he could see every stacked item.

Describing his organisation method, David told viewers: “It's all quite organised, jackets, jean shirts, shirts and then it goes from jumpers, cardis to T-shirts, underwear socks and then suits.”

The camera then revealed row upon row of freshly pressed shirts were hung on hangers in an aesthetically pleasing colour gradient, while a separate rail entirely, away from the main wardrobe, showed off David’s planned outfits for the week ahead.

Explaining why the garments were separate to his other clothes, David said: “Those are my outfits for the rest of the week. I prep my week, yeah.”

"It used to just be in the night before, but…It's [a new obsession]. I'm quite organised.”

While showing the camera crew around, David also noticed that someone had been in his wardrobe and left a coat hanger ajar, something he was quick to remedy in order to restore it to it’s original and intentional state.

Although the acutely organised wardrobe may seem a little unconventional to some, it has always been a firm fixture in David’s life, with episode four of the series even revealing that as a teenager he had also had an immaculate bedroom growing up.

Rather than being one of the star’s many quirks however, David’s need for neatness and order largely stems from his life with obsessive compulsive disorder, something which he has confessed can be “tiring,” at times, especially when his cleaning “isn’t appreciated” by wife Victoria.

David said: “When everyone’s in bed, I then go around cleaning the candles, turning the lights on to the right setting. I make sure everywhere is tidy because I hate coming down in the morning and there’s cups and plates and bowls. It’s tiring.”

“It’s tiring going around to every single candle and cleaning it and clipping the wick. I clip the candle wicks, I clean the glass, that’s my pet hate, the smoke around the inside of a candle.”

However, despite his insistence that his efforts went unrecognised, Victoria did clarify that she often appreciated the lengths David went to in order to keep their home in order.

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