Billy Connolly says he gets mistaken for John Cleese all the time

BAFTAs: Billy Connolly opens up on Parkinson’s after award win

Billy Connolly has revealed he gets mistaken for fellow actor John Cleese “all the time”.

The 80-year-old said there are often times people genuinely think he is the Fawlty Towers star and won’t believe him when he tries to tell them the truth.

Writing in his new book Rambling Man: My Life On The Road, the actor divulged: “The place where I crashed was near Weston-super-Mare – John Cleese’s birthplace.

“I was glad I hadn’t died there; I’d probably have to share the headlines. ‘John Cleese’s Hometown Site of Billy Connolly Fatal Accident’.”

The comedian explained that in particular, the case of mistaken identity with the 84-year-old tends to happen in America.

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He continued: “It never ceases to amaze me that some Americans mistake me for John Cleese.

“It happened to me several times when I was alone, but it also happened to me when I was in a Manhattan restaurant with Eric Idle.”

Billy said a woman approached him and told him she was a big fan of his and asked: “Where are the rest of the guys?”

He asked her which guys she was referring to, and she responded: “The rest of the Monty Python gang.”

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The dad-of-five tried to tell the woman that he wasn’t John, but the insistent lady refused to believe him.

She went on to say, “‘Oh, I get it. You’re incognito’,” before cheerily waving and adding: “‘Bye John!’,” as he departed the restaurant.

Both stars have received tremendous success in both the comedy circuit as well as their work in the acting world.

Billy recently gave a health update following his Parkinson’s diagnosis back in 2013.

He retired from live performances five years after being diagnosed and has stayed out of the spotlight ever since.

The movie star said his life has radically changed since his diagnosis and as a result of the disease, he now has to walk in aid of a stick.

Billy’s new book Rambling Man: My Life On The Road is available to purchase now.

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