Best Facial Exercises To Naturally Lift Your Eyebrows

There are natural methods for fixing uneven eyebrows, without going through surgery. Some make-up artists have recommended the use of a hair growth serum for treating several kinds of uneven brows.

Also, certain facial exercises can be used for naturally lifting your eyebrows. These exercises can be done anytime and from any location.

3 Top Exercises That Can Help You Lift Your Eyebrows

Several facial exercises are effective for brow lift. Here are 3 of them.

Number one

Keep your eyes shut all through. Then look down until your eyes have shut totally. You ought to feel a slight force. When that is what you feel, remain in that position for five seconds. Next, keep your eyes shut and attempt to look upwards to the furthest extent that you can. You ought to feel a slight draw once more. Once more, hold for five seconds and allow it to unwind. Rehash this exercise multiple times, at least six times.

Number two

For this exercise, squeeze the muscles of your face as though you are frowning. As you stand firm there, attempt to bring your eyebrows downwards. They ought to be closer to your eyes. Next, open both eyes and lift the foreheads as much as you can. Go on with this activity multiple times, for at least six times.

Number three

Place the center fingers of both the hands under both eyebrows. This will enable your temples to unwind. Now ensure your palms are laying on your face. Next step bring your eyebrows upwards first and then outwards while your eyes remain open. Next, stay still for at least five seconds. Now push your foreheads downwards against your fingers. Ensure that both eyes are open. Again, hold this position for around five seconds.


Even though most non-surgical approaches for lifting eyebrows may take time, they are effective. Do these facial exercises daily for best results. Finally, ensure that your eyebrows lifting company with a good pedigree.