Young Brits don't know dinner party etiquette

A SURVEY revealed 1 in 5 adults have never been to a fancy dinner party and do not know how to host one.

What cutlery do I use for this course? How many bread rolls are polite to eat? What glass is for which drink? These are some of the most asked questions by adults under 30 when attending or hosting a dinner party.

More than a quarter of young people are attempting to host their own dinner parties and many will be to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this weekend.

Specsavers Home Visits with u3a launched the #GenerationWOW campaign which highlights the 'Wonderful Older Wisdom' older people are willing to share, as according to their research, 6 in 10 young adults believe the over 60s could teach them valuable skills.

Diana Mather from The English Manner, who is part of #GenerationWOW said: “Things like etiquette can seem quite intimidating, but what better time than The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to learn a bit about it and enjoy more formal celebrations."

However, 73 percent of those polled via OnePoll believe etiquette and good manners are dying out.


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Clinical director Dawn Roberts said: “The research has shown there’s a clear knowledge gap when it comes to etiquette and younger adults."

To this Mather said: “It’s sad to hear that younger people believe that etiquette is waning, as actually, it is as relevant today as it has always been. Being able to hold your own at a formal event can be crucial to career success, as well as to being able to enjoy weddings and dinner parties.

Roberts explained their research showed many over 60s would be grateful to pass on their dinner party expertise to the younger generations.

Mather advised any young adults who are unsure about which knife to use or what topics they should discuss at the dinner table, to always ask an older relative or friend for advice.

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