Women kicked out of trendy bar after 'tricking men into drinking BREAST MILK by pretending it was a Piña Colada'

A GROUP of women who tricked men into drinking breast milk by pretending it was a Pina Colada were kicked out of a trendy London bar, its spokesman said.

The women, who claimed to have been thrown out by staff for simply pumping breast milk in public, were exposed by the bar for their lies.

They had been drinking at Tequila Mockingbird, a cocktail bar in Shoreditch, East London, before the alleged incident saw them thrown out.

One of the women poured a glass of breastmilk and encouraged unwitting punters to drink it, pretending it was a cocktail, a spokesman for the bar said.

A number of customers allegedly complained to staff saying the group were going around tricking male drinkers to take a sip.

After being chucked out, one of the women posted a video on TikTok – since-deleted – claiming they had been asked to leave for just expressing the milk, something the bar denies.


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This led to a number of negative reviews online, each of which the bar responded to.

In a statement, reported by MyLondon, Tequila Mockingbird said: "I can confirm that we do of course permit customers to express breast milk on-site should they need to, and venue staff will accommodate women who wish to do so in any way they can, including making use of private areas should they require.

"While the majority of our venue licences unfortunately prohibit children and babies from being on-site, breastfeeding is welcome in those that have the relevant permissions."

The statement went on to say that the group had made no formal complaint on being thrown out, and the bar heard nothing until the posting of a TikTok video.

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This led to the bar being inundated with "negative reviews online from people who had never even visited the venue, with some coming from as far away as Australia," it added.

After speaking to the bar manager and checking the shift logs, they discovered a number of complaints had been made on the night about the group for "attempting to trick male customers into drinking it by claiming it was a Piña Colada, a drink which is not currently on our menu".

The bar said that "CCTV showed that at least one guest who was not with the group took a sip from the glass, while some others appeared to show disgust and refused before complaining to venue staff".

It added: "Clearly this is highly inappropriate and also potentially dangerous, given that breast milk can contain pathogens that cause serious infectious diseases, the group were asked to finish their drinks and leave."

CCTV showed that at least one guest who was not with the group took a sip from the glass, while some others appeared to show disgust and refused before complaining to venue staff

After emailing the creator of the TikTok video, the clip was instantly removed, but not before the bar had received a number of negative complaints.

It said that despite contacting reviewers with the facts of what happened, none of the negative comments have been taken down.

CBS News has reported that breast milk can be dangerous if drunk by adult humans.

"Research has also found dangerous impurities can occur in human breast milk, including bacterial food-borne illnesses if the milk is not properly sanitized or stored, and infectious diseases including hepatitis, HIV and syphilis," it said.

It follows reports that buying breast milk online has become a craze, both for fetishists and health fanatics.

One Brit woman revealed she made £10,000 selling her breast milk to bodybuilders.

Mila De'brito shared a video to TikTok where she can be seen holding a pouch of her own breast milk which she renamed "liquid gold".

Many weightlifters have long believed that the nutrients in breastmilk can help build up muscle mass.

While another Brit claimed she made £10k a month flogging videos of herself pumping milk on OnlyFans.

Mum-of-three Alice Lovegood, 27, from Devon, was even offered a whopping £100k to breastfeed a fan.

"We were in over £15k of debt, I worked all the time including weekends and we had never been on a family holiday," she said.

"Now I can put my kids into a good school if I choose to and I can spend quality time with them.

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"I know some people think posting videos of my breastmilk is disgusting but it’s natural and I don’t care what people say. 

"I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and I love the confidence it’s given me."

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