Woman reveals how to keep the food in non-resealable bags fresher for longer

A WOMAN revealed how to keep the food in non-resealable bags fresher for longer.

TikTok users were blown away by the hack, as they thanked her for sharing the tip and called it "awesome."

TikTok user @stephaniebothrealtor – whose name is Stephanie Booth, according to her profile – shared the food tip with her followers.

She revealed how to "fix" non-resealable bags.

First, she revealed the bag had been opened at the top.

Holding the open end of the bag, she cut a triangle shape in the middle to leave an open "V".

"Tie the two ends together to seal," she said in text over the clip.

She showed herself grabbing the two flaps left on the side – and knotted the bag in the center.

The result left the bag sealed with no extra clips or gadgets.

"There you have it quick and easy," Stephanie said.

Although she suggested the hack for frozen foods, the tip could also be used to store snacks in the pantry – like chips or popcorn.

People were blown away by the simple tip.

"Problem solved for my freezer. Thanks," one person commented.

Another person commented that the tip is "Awesome!!"

"I've seen this before and think it's fab!!" another TikTok user said.

One person said to Stephanie: "Thanks TikTok mom!"

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