Woman claiming to be Brian Laundrie's ex-girlfriend 'also named Gabby' pens tribute 'wishing he was still here'

A WOMAN claiming to be Brian Laundrie's ex-girlfriend has penned a lengthy tribute to her "eternal flame", appearing to insist the news of his death has left her feeling like "part of my heart has been ripped out".

The eulogy, penned to Instagram by a user named Gabrielle Darling, has surfaced exactly a week after Brian's skeletal remains were recovered by investigators in Myakkahatchee Creek Park, following a five-week hunt.

"Hardest thing I've ever been through. Feels like a part of my heart has been ripped out, and no matter what, no one will be able to fill it," the post begins.

"The only thing to do now, is hold those memories very close to what is left of my heart, and make something positive out of this, somehow."

Darling's tribute doesn't mention Laundrie by name, but in previous posts on social media, she claims she is a former girlfriend of Brian's.

It's unclear whether there is any truth to the user's claims. The post doesn't include any images of Brian, only a single image of a woman standing by a pool, looking away from the camera.


"I get to keep every single thing we lived, every place we went to, every song we listen to, every conversation we had, the tears, and the laughs. i get to keep," the gushing post continues.

"Some people know you as a monster, i do not know that person.

"I know the person that I had ups and downs with, the person that I shared occasional arguments over some things, and the person I eventually left for other reasons.

"But all in all was not a monster."

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