Woman cheats death after freezing like deer in headlights as car hurtles towards her in Russia

THIS video shows the heart-stopping moment a woman cheats death as a a car hurtles towards her.

CCTV footage shows the BMW 525 lose control, skidding across the road as the woman freezes in shock like a rabbit in the headlights.

As she stands there unable to move the vehicle miraculously collides with a lamppost.

Regaining her senses, the woman manages to take a few steps back in shock as the car is sent spinning away, debris from the impact flying every which way.

Stepping back in shock … woman comes to terms with what could have been her grisly endCredit: CEN

The harrowing clip ends with the woman standing over the decimated BMW as its hazard lights kick in and smoke begins billowing out of the engine.

The unnamed driver is believed to have been taken to hospital, where they are currently receiving emergency care.



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There is no further information about the patient’s condition.

The incident took place in the south-west Russian city of Vladikavkaz in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

The video quickly went viral after being posted online, attracting a barrage of furious comments from netizens.

One wrote: "[The driver] should lose his license for the rest of his life for doing this."

Another added: "One way out of this situation would be rewarding this lamppost for saving the life of a citizen."

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