Wine thieves hurl bottles at police as they flee from £320,000 raid

Wine thieves hurl expensive bottles at chasing French gendarmes as they flee from £320,000 raid on five-star hotel

  • £320,000 worth of Burgundy wine was stolen from a luxury hotel in France
  • The wine thieves hurled some of the bottles at a chasing French police car
  • Police have begun an inquiry and said they are searching for at least three men
  • The break in at the hotel is the second incident at the site to occur in two days

A gang of thieves making a getaway from a £320,000 wine heist ended up throwing some of the expensive bottles at police during a car chase in France.

The thieves began throwing the expensive bottles of wine at French gendarmes as they sped down the motorway on Tuesday around 5.15am, the Guardian reports.

They had targeted the luxury Relais Château hotel Domaine de Rymska, which is located 18.6 miles from Beaune, Burgundy.

The doors of the hotel’s wine cellar had been smashed open by the thieves who then made off with hundreds of the bottle of wine. 

A gang of thieves made off with £320,000 worth of Burgundy wine on Tuesday morning after breaking into the cellar of the Relais Château hotel Domaine de Rymska (pictured) in France

The hotel’s owner was woken up after the fire alarm started going off before he got into his car and chased the gang’s van down.

He continued to call for help while chasing them onto the A^ Autoroute du Soleil motorway which heads south towards Lyon.

A police officer joined the hotel owner in the car chase but as they approached the van the thieves began hurling bottles of the stolen wine their pursuers.

The thieves then abandoned their van 22 miles north of Lyon after smashing into a toll barrier. 

During a highspeed chase along the motorway, the wine thieves began hurling some of the wine bottles (stock image) out of their van at a pursuing police officer

Police have said that nobody was injured and that the bottles thrown at the gendarmes’ vehicle had missed.

An inquiry has begun and police have said they are searching for at least three men. 

Investigators are also working to determine whether this incident is related to a second break-in at the hotel which took place only 24 hours before.

In the earlier break in, £180,000 worth of fine wine was stolen from the same cellar broken into in this latest incident. 

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