Who is Peter Sutcliffe's ex-wife Sonia?

THE evil Yorkshire Ripper terrorised the north of England in the late 70s and early 80s.

But during Peter Sutcliffe's murder spree he used to go home to his unsuspecting wife, Sonia.

Who is Peter Sutcliffe's ex-wife Sonia?

Sonia, 70, was born on August 10, 1950.

She was working as a school teacher while her husband was committing rapes and murders across northern England.

Sonia was 24 when she became Sutcliffe's wife.

He went on to murder at least 13 women, with his wife not knowing a thing.

When did Sonia marry Peter Sutcliffe married?

Sonia married Sutcliffe on August 10, 1974, a year before his first killing.

By the time he was arrested in 1981, he had murdered 13 women and tried to kill seven more, mutilating his victims with a hammer, screwdriver and knife.

Sonia later visited him at a police station, where he confessed: “It’s me, luv. I’m the Yorkshire Ripper.”

He got 20 life terms in 1981 yet Sonia stood by him and visited him several times. Referring to his mental state, she once said: “I feel compassion for him.”

And her sister Marianne once remarked: “He’s the only man in the world for her and always will be.”

Sonia did not divorce the Ripper until 1994.

In 2017, she stopped visiting him after he was moved from Broadmoor Hospital to Category A Frankland jail in Durham.

Where is Sonia Sutcliffe now?

Sonia still lives in the same house as she shared with her killer ex-husband in Yorkshire.

However, she is now married to 60-year-old hairdresser Michael Woodward.

The couple wed in a low-key ceremony in 1997 but have spent most of their marriage living apart.

Reclusive Sonia refuses to move out of the marital home in Bradford she and mass murderer Sutcliffe bought for £16,000 in 1977 during his murder spree.

Michael has declined to move in with her.

He lives alone in a flat a 15-minute drive away but they remain married.

She moved in to Michael’s flat but left in 2003 and the pair have lived separately ever since.

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