Who is conman Paul Bint and where is he now?

PAUL Bint was jailed in 2009 for swindling £2 million from his life of crime.

But who is he and where is he now? Here is everything you need to know…

Who is Paul Bint?

Paul Bint was a conman who earned £2 million from his life of crime and who seduced women by using several identities.

Why was Paul Bint jailed?

Nicknamed King Con after his years of deception, he was jailed in 2009 for three years.

His career stretched back 30 years with 155 previous convictions until he was jailed in 2009.

Bint was jailed for impersonating Sir Keir Starmer who was the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Speaking on an episode of Life Stories, due to air on June 8, Sir Keir told Piers Morgan that Bint answered lonely hearts adverts in the Sunday Times pretending to be him.

“He would take a taxi down to see one of the women that he was seeing as Keir Starmer, down to the West Country, and say put the bill on the Crown Prosecution Service, director of public prosecutions," Sir Keir said.

“But one of the cabbies turned up at my office and said ‘I want my bleep money’.

"That’s when everybody started to realise what was happening and the art gallery was phoning me up to say do you want to complete on this £80,000 piece of art etcetera.

“So it all became clear that this was happening. There was a trial, the two women gave evidence about what he had done.

"He had stolen from them, it was a real exploitation.”

One of the five offences he committed between April 27 and May 5 2009 included cheating a taxi driver out of a £60 fare and using a credit card belonging to one of his women victims.

Another offence was for stealing a bracelet and stealing a barrister's laptop after rummaging through the robing room at St Alban's Crown Court.

"You misled two women into letting you into their lives and homes, into trusting you and allowing you to stay with them by giving wholly false details about yourself, and then you stole from them," Judge Deborah Taylor said at the time of sentencing.

"The effect on both of these women was not merely this loss of the bracelet, DVDs or money, but, as they told the court, the feeling of violation of their homes and perhaps of their peace of mind."

One thing that Sir Keir said stuck in his head about Bint impersonating him was the difference in appearance between them and he said at court the women "were shown a picture of me and a picture of Paul Bint and asked: ‘Well, you know, didn’t you think that this wasn’t him?’

"And one of them said ‘well, everybody can have an off day’.”

Where is Paul Bint now?

The whereabouts of Paul Bint are unknown since he was released from prison in 2012.

According to an interview Bint did with the Daily Record after he was released he was living in Windsor in Berkshire.

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