Who are Charles Grodin's children?

ACTOR Charles Grodin died at the age of 86 on May 18, 2021, following a battle with cancer.

He left behind his wife Elissa and his two children. But who are they and what they do? Here’s what you need to know.

Who are Charles Grodin children?

During his life, Grodin had two children from two separate marriages

With his first wife, Julia Fergurson, he had a daughter, comedian Marion Grodin.

That marriage, however ended in divorced in 1968.

With his second wife Elissa Durwood, he had a son, Actor Nicholas Theodore Grodin.

According to a 2004 interview with Variety, Grodin gae up his show business to be a stay-at home dad to his children during the 2000s.

In May 2021, Grodin died surrounded by his family at his home in Wilton, Connecticut, from bone marrow cancer, according to his son, Nicholas.

Who is Marion Grodin?

Like her father, Marion is a stand up comedian.

According to List, it was father Charles’s nickname, that convinced her to try the vocation in the first placed.  

Alongside comedy, Marion has also been a staff writer on the television shows "It's a Living" and "Princesses," and has reportedly sold six screenplays while under contract with Twentieth Century Fox.

Furthermore, in 2013Marion published a memoir entitled "Standing Up: A Memoir of a Funny (Not Always) Life," detailing her experiences with breast cancer, divorce, and being the daughter of a well-known actor.

She has also been a Celebrity Mental Health Speaker, having detailed an early addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Marion has gone on record to say that her “community” of friends, family and support groups were her lifeline. 

Who is Nicholas Theodore Grodin?

Nicholas Grodin was Charles Grodin’s second child and his only son.

He is best known for his work is an actor, starring in films such as The Ex (2016) and Margaret (2011).

During his career he has been appeared alongside big names such as Mark Ruffalo and Matt Damon.  

According to his bio on IMDb, the actor has been married to Aubrey Andersen since August 16, 2014.

Nicolas’s net worth is unknown, although he is reportedly unknown.

His father Charles was estimated to have a net worth of $12 million dollars before he dies, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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