What is the first day of Fall 2021?

THE 2021 Fall equinox is upon us as days are getting shorter and temperatures are becoming cooler.

The internet is speculating when exactly the fall season is set to begin. 

What is the first day of Fall 2021?

The first day of fall in 2021 is on Wednesday, September 22 at 3.21pm EDT, according to Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The first day of fall marks the turning point when darkness begins to overtake daylight as nights are longer than days. 

When we approach an equinox, both halves of the Earth experience an equal amount of sunlight and darkness (12 hours).

The Earth’s tilt leads to different seasons. 

Why do leaves change color in the Fall?

The fall season is known for changing leaves revealing beautiful autumn colors.

But what causes leaves to turn orange, red, purple and yellow? The answer is simple. 

Because there is less sunlight in the fall and temperatures are cooler, leaves experience changes in their food-making process.

As chlorophyll, which gives leaves their green color, breaks down, leaves begin to change colors.

Some chemical changes occur through the development of red anthocyanin pigments, revealing reddish and purplish tints in trees such as dogwoods and sumacs. Sugar maples show bright orange colors.

Fall foliage differs from tree to tree as some only show yellow colors. Trees like oak often display brown coloring. 

The differences in colors come from varying amounts of chlorophyll residue and other leaf mixes during the fall season.

When is sunrise and sunset on the first day of Fall 2021?

Sunrise and sunset times vary in different parts of the United States.

For Wednesday, September 22, 2021, the times are as follows:

  • New York: Sunrise 6.44am, Sunset 6.53pm
  • Florida: Sunrise 7.10am, Sunset 7.17pm
  • California: Sunrise 6.41am, Sunset 6.49pm
  • Texas: Sunrise 7.10am, Sunset 7.18pm

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