Wayne Couzens could have killed sex workers, says criminologist

EXCLUSIVE: Monster cop Wayne Couzens could have killed sex workers before Sarah Everard murder and used his police status to manipulate them, says criminologist

  • Dr David Holmes says Wayne Couzens could have killed ‘one or two’ sex workers
  • The killer cop was attracted to brutal pornography and planned his murder
  • Couzens used escorts and could have struck before the horrific murder in March 

Criminologist Dr David Holmes believes Wayne Couzens could have killed sex workers before he raped and murdered Sarah Everard

Wayne Couzens could have killed sex workers before he raped and murdered Sarah Everard, a leading criminologist has said.

Dr David Holmes believes the monster cop could have used his police status to manipulate the women and lure them for his sadistic fantasies.

He told MailOnline: ‘It is possible he has killed one or two sex workers that may not have been noticed.  

‘These women are picked because often nobody notices they are missing for a while, or at all. 

‘This is why they are targeted by serial killers – they are easily found and approached and also they are accepting of people, especially those that others would be suspicious of’.

Dr Holmes added that Couzens, who was ‘attracted to brutal pornography’ and used escorts, could have played out his fantasies before the horrific murder of Ms Everard in March.

He said: ‘As man in authority he could make life or difficult for them – or easy – but clearly not all police officers have contact with sex workers. It indicates Couzens was a dodgy guy all the way through. 

‘It’s not something that switches on and off. He would approach most relationships with that intent and expect that in return – like pressing a button he can’t switch off’.

He added: ‘Police already know he treated women in a bullying manner, and would be like treating them through his life. It’s his personality and dyed in the wool’.

Dr David Holmes believes the monster cop could have used his police status to manipulate the women and lure them for his sadistic fantasies

Dr Holmes added that Couzens, who was ‘attracted to brutal pornography’, could have played out his fantasies before the horrific murder of Ms Everard

The expert said a police appeal is necessary.

‘A public appeal to women to come forward would possibly filter through to prostitutes, without alienating all women’.

It comes as it was revealed today that the Met knew a ‘Wayne Couzens’ was suspected of flashing two women at McDonald’s three days before Miss Everard’s murder – but failed to identify him as one of their own officers until afterwards.

Previously it was known the incidents had been reported to police, who identified Couzens’ car via CCTV, but the fact officers knew his name but did not realise he was a serving Met policeman will be seen as fresh evidence he could have been exposed as a sexual predator before he went on to kidnap, rape and strangle the 33-year-old.

Police knew a Wayne Couzens (left, in his uniform with his police belt circled; and right, in a court sketch) was accused of flashing two women at a McDonald’s, with police hearing about the allegation three days before he raped and murdered Sarah Everard. However, officers failed to make the link with him being a police officer

Police first heard about the indecent exposure allegations on February 28, although the actual incidents happened earlier that month.  

Address searches show there are very few people sharing the killer’s name in the country, and even fewer in London and the South East – meaning a basic investigation would have identified the Diplomatic Protection Officer as the suspect. 

Had detectives understood the full picture at the time, it is likely Couzens would have been suspended. Officers are then usually put on restricted duties, which means they must hand in their warrant card and cannot have any contact with the public. 

Couzens initially claimed to the detectives that he did not know Miss Everard

To carry out his horrific crime, the fiend showed Miss Everard his warrant card to force her into his car as part of a fake Covid arrest. He then used his Met-issued equipment to handcuff the marketing executive before strangling her with his police belt.

The Met said the McDonald’s allegations were ‘allocated for investigation’ but ‘by the time of Sarah’s abduction it was not concluded’. It referred itself to the Independent Office of Police Conduct, which is investigating the force’s alleged failure to investigate. 

Today’s revelation will heap yet more pressure on beleaguered Met commissioner Cressida Dick – who has been facing demands to resign over the multiple missed chances to expose Couzens as a threat to women before he was able to finally fulfill his sick fantasy.

Couzens initially claimed to the detectives that he did not know Miss Everard, before backtracking moments later in his police interview.

He then concocted a ridiculous fantasy story involving an Eastern European gang who had pressured him after he attempted to ‘rip off’ one of their call girls.

Couzens was later taken to Wandsworth Police Station where he repeatedly tried to self-harm by banging his head on a sink and running into a wall, and was put under constant watch before appearing in court.

Multiple chances police missed to identify Couzens as sexual predator 

1 –  On February 28, two McDonald’s staff told police they were flashed by a male motorist at a branch in Swanley, Kent. Officers are then believed to have identified Couzens’ car via CCTV of his number plate. However, officers did not realise the suspect was their own officer until afterwards.  

– Couzens’ car number plate was linked to the 2015 indecent exposure but Met Police blamed the Kent force, claiming ‘Kent Police investigated this allegation and decided to take no further action. Our review found that the record of this allegation and outcome may not have been found during the vetting checks.’


The Met is also facing questions about how its vetting process failed to pick up concerns around Couzens before he was made an armed officer in its elite Diplomatic Protection Group, which involved him guarding embassies, VIPs and members of the Royal Family. There were numerous clues about Couzens’ bad character, including: 

  • Couzens used to work at his father’s garage in Dover before joining the Kent Special Constabulary at some point after 2002. The court heard a colleague in that year spoke of ‘his attraction to brutal sexual pornography’ but Jim Sturman QC, defending, said it related to a single incident ‘which is almost impossible to examine now’; 
  • He allegedly nicknamed ‘The Rapist’ by colleagues in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary – where he was involved in protecting nuclear power stations – because of his inappropriate behaviour around women;
  • He used prostitutes and had a fake Match.com dating profile despite being married with two children, his trial heard; 
  • In 2018, it has been claimed that he was reported to bosses for slapping a female police officer’s bottom at Bromley police station but it appears no action was taken, a source claimed;
  • While at Bromley, it is also alleged he became the subject of gossip for only stopping female motorists – before taking their details so he could watch their homes – and parking outside schools to leer at mothers and sixth formers;
  • The Met said: ‘Couzens was a serving and vetted police officer when he joined the Met. He had no criminal convictions or cautions and he was not subject to any misconduct proceedings during his time at the Met. We are not aware of any other concerns raised by his colleagues, or anyone else, regarding his behaviour prior to him joining the Met or since.’

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