VIDEO: Professional whip cracker Adam Winrich shows of his skills

Whip-smart! Moment professional whip-cracker slices a WATERMELON in half as he shows off his record-breaking skills

  • Adam Winrich, 39, from Falls Creek Wisconsin is a professional whip cracker 
  • He is a 29-time Guinness World Record holder for his wide range of whip tricks
  • He can use the brute power of the whip to demolish a watermelon in a single hit
  • Or he can delicately remove something as small as a grain of salt from a bottle  

This is the amazing footage of a professional whip cracker showing off some of his skills and pinpoint accuracy. 

Adam Winrich, from Falls Creek, Wisconsin put together a series of clips showing him using his whip. 

He has been honing his skills since 1989 and can remove a coin sitting on top of a bottle, without damaging the glass. 

Adam Winrich, pictured, of Falls Creek, Winsconsin holds 29 Guinness World Records for his skills in using a whip

In this trick, he uses a unicycle to balance while removing the bottle top using his whip

Here he removes the middle cup allowing the top one to drop into the bottom

In one trick, he demolishes a watermelon to show the sheer brute force and power of the whip. 

In another clip, he is balancing on a unicycle and uses the whip to remove the top from a plastic water bottle without spilling a drop of the hydrogen-based liquid inside. 

He is even able to remove a grain of rice or a grain of salt from a bottle cap without causing any other damage. 

Another trick shows him taking out a plastic cup between two other cups, while dropping the top one into the bottom without spilling any liquid. 

The 39-year-old professional whip master has 23 Guinness World Records, including being able to extinguish 102 candles in a single minute. 

He has also done the loudest whip crack in history recording an ear-spliting 148 decibels.  

He makes a living performing at Fire Whip Shows across the United States. 

He said he started using a whip after watching Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones.  

Winrich travels around the country performing at festivals and shows for his many fans

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