Tyson Fury shares clip of 'racist' pub refusing to let in travellers and calls it 'totally unacceptable behaviour'

TYSON Fury has today shared a clip of a “racist” pub refusing to let in travellers – describing it as “totally unacceptable behaviour”.

The Gypsy King, 32, posted the video of a doorman telling a man and his elderly dad they were not allowed to enter the premises because they are travellers.

Fury uploaded the clip to his Twitter page and wrote: “Racism in Lancaster 2020.

“How is this even possible in today’s society? Totally unacceptable behaviour. Racism at work.”

During the video, a bearded doorman at the pub – which is run by Marston’s Brewery – explains his decision for not allowing the pair to enter.


He told the man there was an incident at the pub a few weeks ago involving travellers – but the men at the door insisted they were not present.

He said: “The brewery has been instructed by the local authority not to admit travellers.

“I’ve never come across you myself.”

The man filming the clip replied: “So my father-in-law there, 70 years of age, and there’s me, and we’re being refused by who? Marston’s?

“So you’ve had an incident here, a few weeks ago.” The worker said: “They have, yes.”

How is this even possible in today’s society? Totally unacceptable behaviour. Racism at work

The traveller replied: “Were we involved in that incident? Were we even here?

The pub worker added: “I wasn’t on duty that night, so I couldn’t say.”

The unnamed man then explained: “We eat here and we’ve drunk here, and we’ve never been involved in an incident.”

He replied: “Guys, I get it. I do appreciate what you’re saying. It’s like you say, you can't tarnish everyone with the same brush.”

But the man wanted clarity on the rules and asked: “Say for instance, a group of black people come in here and got barred, are all blacks barred?


The worker answered: “Like I say mate, it’s not down to me.”

The man asked: “It’s down to Marston’s, so they’re being racist?”

“So if some Asians come in here and cause a problem, are all Asians barred then?”

He then replied: “I’m only answering on what I’ve been told. If it came from them mate, I’d have to enforce it.”

The worker then offered to shake the man’s hand before the clip ends.

A Marston’s spokesman today said there is no ban on any social group and that a member of the door secruity team had got the instructions wrong.

He said: "There was an incident two weeks ago between two groups who refused to socially distance in the pub.

"The police and local authority insisted the pub was to operate door staff moving forward. There is not a ban on any social group.

"Under the circumstances a member of the appointed door security team believed they were acting with the best intentions of preserving the safety of our employees and guests, but was wrong to suggest there is a specific ban on any social group.

"There has not and will not be one in place in any Marston’s pub."

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