The Royal Family will be wounded by the sad Oprah spectacle – but it'll take more than this to topple the monarchy

OPRAH Winfrey was the only winner in this incredibly sad spectacle.

Even after 44 years covering royal life in which I thought I’d seen and heard everything, this confessional on American prime time was shocking to behold.

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Bombshell after bombshell dropped, in what was a devastating takedown of Harry’s family.

Make no mistake this is a knife edge moment in recent royal history that knocks Diana’s Panorama revelations into a cocked hat.

Harry and Meghan have the best PRs Hollywood can buy. I believe nothing in that interview was said by chance.

I feel desperate sorrow that it's come to this. Everybody has been hurt here. It wasn’t necessary to do this.

The Queen, with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh recuperating in hospital, really didn’t need all this right now.

I’m sure Harry and Meghan wanted to get what they see as their side of the story out there. But what good has this honestly done?

Prince changing

I watched Harry grow up – I was outside the hospital when he was born –and have charted his life through my camera lens.

He was a joy to work with, he was always smiling, you never felt it was 'work'. It was a way of life that he appeared to love.

After he met Meghan he changed. He became reserved, he became closed off.

I don’t recognise the person he’s become. I also don’t recognise his description of his father and brother being trapped in the institution of the monarchy.

Yes, it’s an accident of birth and one they have to pay for with duty. It can be a tough life but there are many worse things than being born into the Royal Family.

After he met Meghan he changed

Prince Charles will be hurting this morning after Harry casually tossed out that Charles had “…stopped taking my calls…”.

But I know Charles likes communicating by letter. He thinks you can be more thoughtful and considered that way.

Surely, the best way to heal that rift wasn’t to spout off about it to Oprah Winfrey.

Claims under scrutiny

Then there was the allegation about his brother’s wife Kate making Meghan cry. Again, Harry knew that this would wound William.

Harry also had a go about being “cut off financially” by his family. Hang on a minute, Harry mate. You’re not reaching behind the sofa for loose change.

You’ve just bought an £11m mansion in California with 16 bathrooms.

As for having their security detail removed, that's a decision for Scotland Yard not Buckingham Palace.

Despite Oprah saying that no topic would be off limits, there were no questions to Meghan about her father.

Meghan is no longer talking too much of her family and neither Harry his.

Something’s gone very badly wrong.

Racism bombshell

I think the most shocking moment of the interview was the racism allegation against an unnamed member of the Royal Family. 

Not naming them means all of the royals are under suspicion. It means they believe the Queen has a racist in her midst. 

All allegations of racism in any organisation have to be taken seriously. 

However, the idea that Archie’s royal title would be decided by his skin colour seems ludicrous. It’s William’s kids that automatically get the titles not Harry’s.

It was incredibly sad to hear Meghan say she became so low that she had suicidal thoughts.

Again, this is something the Palace will need to review carefully. It’s awful an outsider coming into the monarchy should end up feeling like this.

The Palace won't rush to respond to all the things brought up in this interview. 

I imagine some sort of Palace statement may be issued but the Queen isn't going to invite Oprah to Windsor for part two.

Watching the Commonwealth Day Service on Sunday I was struck by the understated dignity of the senior royals.

The Queen topping the bill. Charles alongside Camilla, through to William and Kate then Sophie Wessex who’s a remarkable asset to the family.

An interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show isn’t going to derail an institution that has weathered a reformation, a civil war and an abdication.

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