Terrifying footage shows ‘firenado’ that ‘will take weeks to put out’ tearing across Australian bush – The Sun

TERRIFYING footage shows a ferocious "firenado" that's raging across the Australian bush and is too big to put out.

The "mega-fire" is ripping through a 37-mile front close to Sydney, advancing rapidly through dry grassland and threatening homes.

Thousands of firefighters are currently battling more than 140 fires along the east coast of Australia.

Scores of people have already been told to flee their homes as the country braces itself for more blazes amid a heatwave next week.

Temperatures in Sydney have soared past 40C for weeks, turning the sky orange and engulfing the region in toxic smoke.


The firenado, also known as the Gospers Mountain mega blaze could take up to weeks to put out, fire chiefs say.

New South Wales Fire chief Rob Rogers told national broadcaster ABC: "We cannot stop these fires, they will just keep burning until conditions ease and then we’ll try to do what we can to contain them.

"These will take many weeks to put out – and only when we get good rain."

But the Bureau of Meteorology has warned that winds are set to hit areas affected by the fires.

A spokesperson said: "The massive New South Wales fires are, in some cases, just too big to put out at the moment.

"They’re pumping out vast amounts of smoke, which is filling the air, turning the sky orange."


Dramatic images have also emerged of a firenado which is threatening properties around Bundamba, Queensland.

Residents have been told to leave immediately as Queensland officials said: "Conditions are now very dangerous and firefighters may soon be unable to prevent the fire advancing.

"The fire may pose a threat to all lives directly in its path."

Six people have died and more than 600 homes have been destroyed since the fires started three months ago.

An estimated two million hectares have burned in total so far and some 2,200 firefighters are out fighting the blazes.


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