Teenage thug who made neighbours' lives a 'misery' is jailed

Teenage thug who made neighbours’ lives a ‘misery’ with catalogue of crimes is jailed for 22 months after 100 residents signed a petition demanding he was evicted from his home

  • Adam Repton, 19, has been jailed for 22 months for assaulting a police officer
  • More than 100 neighbours in Moston had called for his eviction after crimespree
  • But Repton was given a ‘chance’ and handed a suspended sentence in April
  • Judge Anthony Cross QC has accused Repton of ‘throwing trust back in my face’

A teenage thug who was let off for terrorising his neighbourhood for five months has finally been jailed for assaulting a police officer. 

A judge said Adam Repton, 19, had abused the trust he had placed in him after handing him a suspended sentence in April.

The offender, from Moston, Greater Manchester, has now been sentenced to 22 months after he attacked an officer in the ‘heat of the moment’.

The Mail previously reported that more than 100 neighbours had signed a petition demanding Repton – who stole their cars, broke into their homes and threatened to kill them – be evicted from their community.  

And they were delighted when police arrested him for offences linked to his crimewave in the Manchester suburb and locked him up.  

Judge Anthony Cross, QC, had told Repton he and his friends had made people’s lives ‘a misery’ and admitted his victims would ‘expect me to send you to jail’. 

But he said that Repton, who had been in custody since his arrest, had no previous convictions and so he was giving him a ‘chance’. 

‘Don’t throw that chance back in my face,’ the judge had warned.  

Judge Anthony Cross, QC, said Adam Repton, 19, had abused the trust he had placed in him in April after giving him a second chance and handing him a suspended sentence

But Manchester Crown Court heard on Thursday that police investigating a burglary had gone to Repton’s home to arrest him at around 9pm on August 25.

After being told he would be arrested, Repton tried to escape through a window, prosecutor Eleanor Gleeson told the court.

A police constable, who had been working with Repton as his offender manager, grabbed him as they both were hanging from the window. 

Another police officer came to help, but the officer fell out of the window, with Repton falling on top of him. Both officers hit Repton as they tried to subdue him.

The officer suffered minor injuries, including a graze and lump to his forehead and a large swollen lump to the top of his head. No further action was taken against Repton for the allegation of burglary.

In a statement read to the court, the injured officer said: ‘I am completely disgusted with Repton’s behaviour, and I feel that the only way he will learn is to spend an amount of time in prison.’

Patrick Buckley, defending, said Repton had observed a curfew which had been imposed as part of the suspended sentence, and had also completed some rehabilitation activity requirement days.

Repton was jailed at Manchester Crown Court after he assaulted a police officer. The Mail reported more than 100 neighbours had signed a petition demanding Repton – who stole their cars, broke into their homes and threatened to kill them – be evicted from their community

He said police could have dealt with the burglary allegation in a ‘completely different way’, and that Repton could have been questioned by appointment.     

Repton had terrorised his neighbourhood between June and October of last year. 

He had admitted attempted theft, theft, handling stolen goods, burglary, criminal damage, dangerous driving, driving with no insurance, possession of a blade and escape from lawful custody.

He was also banned from driving for 12 months and ordered to wear an electronic tag and abide by a three-month 7pm-7am curfew.   

Referring to his previous sentence, Judge Cross said: ‘I was criticised at the time in some quarters, for passing what was perceived to be a lenient sentence. 

‘Such criticism was perhaps made not knowing the full facts of the offences. 

‘On one occasion a police officer from the community team came to court and spoke highly of you. He said how pleased he was that you seemed determined to avoid committing criminal offences.

‘Sadly, you have unfortunately thrown back in the face of the court the trust that I placed in you, and unfortunately have not repaid the effort that was shown to rehabilitate you by the probation service and the police.

‘You should have known by that stage that you were going to be arrested. 

‘All you had to do was go quietly with the police, and none of this would have happened.

‘I am concerned that at this court, you present as someone who is desperate to reform himself, but when you are at liberty there is another side to you.’

Repton was sentenced to 16 months for breaching his suspended sentence, and a further six months for assaulting the police officer.  

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