Suspected perv 'bites' vigilante paedophile hunter in frantic bid to escape after being pinned down during Facebook Live video

THIS is the shocking moment a suspected pervert "bites" a self-styled paedophile hunter in a frantic bid to escape during a Facebook Live video.

The vigilantes – who call themselves Silent Justice – confronted the unidentified man in Tamworth, Staffs on Friday night.

They accused him of planning to meet one of their decoys – posing as a 15-year-old boy – and sending him sexually explicit messages on gay dating app Grindr.

When challenged under repeated questioning by the group, the suspect denies their allegations and said he didn't know the boy was underage.

The live Facebook stream shows a brawl erupting after the suspect screams "get off me" and complains he "can't breathe" as he battles to get away when he's pinned down by the group.

Footage is interrupted briefly as the camera shakes while the group struggle to hold the suspect down on the pavement.

One female member of the group can be heard yelling at the suspect: "Do not bite him."

Staffordshire Police confirmed a 49-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempting to sexually groom a child following reports of an "altercation".



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They said an incident occurred between the suspect and "several members of the public" with one person sustaining "slight" injuries.

No child was present and the man was taken into custody for questioning.

In a statement, the force added: "We are reminding people not to take matters into their own hands or do anything that could hinder or jeopardise this investigation following the man's arrest.

"Please show restraint when commenting on certain individuals or circumstances.

"This case is owned by specially trained investigators and speculation is not only highly dangerous but can be damaging to the investigation process.

"Acts of retaliation will not be tolerated and we will take swift and appropriate action to deal with any offenders accordingly."

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