Sick NYPD cop sent back to work — then she tested positive for coronavirus

A Bronx cop was told to get back to work after being out of work with flu-like symptoms — only to test positive for coronavirus days later, The Post has learned.

The female officer, assigned to the 46th Precinct in The Bronx, called out sick on March 17 and visited NYPD doctors on Friday, but by Sunday, the medical division told her to get back in uniform and she complied, police sources said.

On Wednesday, she found out she was positive for the pandemic COVID-19, the sources said.

“She had a headache, minor fever, cough, body ache, chills, congestion,” one source said, conceding that “she was starting to feel better when she saw the surgeon on Friday.”

“Guess never was 100 percent better yet.”

A spokesman for the NYPD said the medical decision has been doing a “great job.”

“They are following the guidelines on a case by case to the best of their ability,” the spokesman said.

The outbreak has been wreaking havoc on NYPD staffing levels with more than 3,200 cops out sick, three times the average, forcing top brass to warn detectives they could be roped into patrols.

Twenty-eight cops in the 72 Precinct — one of whom was coughing up blood — were out sick alone Wednesday, with three testing positive for the bug, sources said. More than 230 members have been confirmed to have coronavirus.

Sources said NYPD leadership’s botched handing out the outbreak has led to a wild-fire spread through the rank-and-file.

“The girl has a boyfriend who is another cop in the same platoon and boyfriend has a different partner on patrol,” another source told The Post of the confirmed 46th Precinct case. “So, it spreads like fire.”

“This all goes back to commissioner thinking that people can still work… and Chief [Fausto] Pichardo,” the source griped. “Let’s see them come to a precinct and do patrol.”

The news comes as police sources said officers are angry about the lack of transparency regarding the virus’s spread through the department.

The mayor has said ill officers would have to stay off the job for at least a week — though the Bronx cop who later tested positive was out for fewer than seven days.

“It will not be a fun seven to 10 days but the end of that seven to 10 days they will be right back in uniform right back at their posts,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday.

That timeline even appears quicker than what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised, telling people to stay out “until 14 days after the last potential exposure.” But the CDC does add “these decisions should be made based on the local situation, available resources, and competing priorities.

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