Scots Megabus fan gets coach company's logo TATTOOED on his arm

A MEGABUS fan loves their cheapo tickets so much that he’s got the firm’s logo tattooed on his arm.

Isaac Gray, 20, reckons he’s the only person in the world daft enough to get the unique artwork of the chubby driver drawn on him

He dreamt up as the inky tribute as a joke and a way that might win him some free bus travel.

Isaac, from Dundee, said: “Most folk I’ve shown it to think it’s a bit loopy.

“But I’ve been on so many Megabuses going to and from gigs that it seemed like a really good idea.

“It’s a bit of fun and I absolutely love showing it off to people and seeing what their reaction is. No one can quite believe I got it done. Tattoos shouldn’t be all serious.”

Isaac splashed out £160 on the tattoo and sought out a particular artist in Aberdeen because he liked her style.

It took about three hours but Isaac had only one big request when it came to transferring the fat driver from a coach to his body.

He explained: “I wanted him to look a bit less creepy than he does on the side of the bus.

“His eyes and mouth are a bit shady in the original. I wanted my one to look a bit more happy and welcoming.”

Tesco worker Isaac grew up in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, and was born a girl.

He came out as trans when he was 14 and became a target for bullies.

His only escape was going to rock gigs in bigger towns and cities and the cheap Megabus, where tickets start as low as a quid, made that happen.

He said: “When I was getting on the Megabus and going to see a band I was living. In the weeks leading up to that I was just surviving.


“I had all sorts of horrible things said and done to me. It was pretty rough. The Megabus was my escape so it made sense to get the tattoo.

“It’s really a symbol of me getting out of there and making a brand new life for myself.”

After two years of talking about the artwork Isaac and his non-binary sibling Han, 18, got matching tatts a few weeks ago.

Isaac has not had the nerve to show it to a driver yet but is hoping it might open up a brand new world of bus travel.

He joked: “They might treat us like VIPs, but I very much doubt it.

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“The first time we were on the bus since getting the tattoos it broke down and we were late for the gig. But that’s part of the adventure. We’ll always love the Megabus.”

Astonished bosses at the bus firm coughed up free travel for Isaac to applaud his devotion.

Megabus managing director Mark Venables said: “Wow. I’d be amazed if any other mega-fans can beat that.


“We love to see such levels of dedication and we’d be happy to offer Isaac a free return journey on one of our services to any of our destinations in the UK – he definitely deserves it.

“Our passion is keeping people connected through great value travel and we’re pleased to hear that Isaac enjoys his journeys on megabus so much.

“I hope to see him on board a Megabus soon so I can see his tattoo in the flesh.”

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