Safety sign mocked for warning of death AND a €50 fine

THIS ridiculous safety sign has been mocked online as it says opening a box will result in "Death by Electrocution and a €50 fine".

An image of the illogical sign was shared to Twitter by Irish journalist Sarah-Jane Murphy who wrote: "Is death not punishment enough?"

Not only should death be sufficient punishment for the foolish opening of the electrical box, but the deceased offender would then be unable to pay the fine.

The tweet, posted on Wednesday, has amassed 3.8k likes and 460 retweets, as well as some hilarious comments.

Kieth Kelly wrote: "Who gets paid to write these signs?" alongside an image of a sign which reads: "Not only will this kill you it will hurt the whole time you're dying".

Tom Connors also shared a similar joke: "a doctor gave a man 24hrs to live, he couldn’t pay his bill so the doctor gave him another 24hrs".


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Meanwhile Lar Reddin jokes: "Nothing would shock me more".

And Oscar Finn questioned: "How does that work, does some lad with a lanyard and a hi-vis show up at the funeral with an invoice?"

Paul Coles noted: "Funerals are expensive enough without a hefty fine to pay".

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