Ryanair passengers face ‘shambolic’ scenes as glitch stops check in

Thousands of Ryanair passengers face ‘shambolic’ scenes as Europe-wide computer failure stops them checking in with some sitting on grounded jets for 90 minutes

  • Passengers were left  unable to check in online and so had to pay at the airport
  • Some said their boarding passes had completely disappeared from their apps  
  • Angry customers took to social media and shared pictures of the airport scenes

Thousands of Ryanair passengers faced travel chaos yesterday when they could not check-in for their flights due to the airline suffering a Europe-wide computer system failure.

Travellers complained of ‘shambolic’ scenes at check-in areas in European airports from Stansted to Rome Ciampino because luggage could not be checked in.

Angry passengers took to social media and posted pictures showing chaotic scenes at airports. Others complained that they were sitting in their grounded jets for more than 90 minutes.

Ryanair has suffered a systems failure overnight with passengers complaining of being unable to check in and board their flights

Some complained that they were forced to pay £55 at airports for not checking in online beforehand, even though the Ryanair systems failure prevented them from doing so.

One, Mat McCallum, 39, from Nottingham, told how he missed his flight from Stansted to Bratislava in Slovakia because of the computer outage, and then had to spend a further £700 to get to an urgent business meeting.

Diana Bond-Smith, a passenger at Stansted, tweeted: ‘Ryanair once again you have surpassed yourselves.

‘Chaos at Stansted as the whole Ryanair system is down.’

One person shared this photo and said: ‘Absolutely awful scenes at Malaga airport this morning. Sort it out and provide more staff! Why offer check in when you insist everyone has to be in the same queue?’

Graeme Jolly, another Twitter user, said: ‘Confusion, chaos and absolute carnage right now at the check-in/bag-drop desks at Rome Ciampino.

‘Twenty minutes so far and no closer to desks. Totally unacceptable.’

Meanwhile, Grace O’Driscoll, who said she was due to fly from Nice to Stansted, asked Ryanair to ‘help urgently’, adding: ‘This is shambolic.’

Last night, Ryanair said in a statement: ‘This morning we suffered a brief, 30-minute system outage which caused some short delays at airport check-in and boarding.

‘The system has been restored and flights are operating as normal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.’   

The systems failure is not believed to have affected any other airlines but it did cause large delays and long queues at airports around Europe.  

Passengers say their flights and boarding passes have disappeared from their apps and the website

Flights at Stansted were delayed by as much as four hours amid the chaos and passengers’ boarding passes had disappeared from the app. 

Ryanair responded to many passengers online by telling them to private message the airline for assistance.

The airline also told one holidaymaker it had a ‘technical issue on the website’ which is now resolved. 

The failure is affecting airports across Europe and passengers have said they cannot check in online or at the airport

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