Russian state official ‘fired’ after she posed naked for Playboy – The Sun

A GLAM state official in Vladimir Putin’s government has been “fired” after posing nude for Playboy.

Saucy civil servant Anna Anufrieva, 27, was ordered to quit after a wave of damning comments on her raunchy pictures, according to reports.

Her ousting from the Russian government came after she had initially attempted to ride the storm over her nude images which she had called “perfection”.

“I made a decision to leave,” she admitted.

“I think it’s unethical to discuss why I decided to do so as I respect my employer and don’t want to go into details.”

But she confessed that her pictures – which she had sent to Playboy Russia – had caused “public discord” because of her work as a civil servant in the Russian bureaucracy.

She had earlier accused Russian society of hypocrisy, asking: “Why is it only models, actresses, fitness coaches and bloggers who are allowed to reveals their bodies?

“Or are they also immoral and we are just used to it?

“And if the answer is yes, then you all should get used to the thought that any woman who loves herself and cherishes her body can show it, including doctors, teachers and state servants.

“I like nude photography and I find the harmonious female body a form of perfection, so please don’t judge but just enjoy it.”

Anna, from Russian oil capital Tyumen, had entered an online contest with Russian Playboy hoping to win the right to pose for the publication’s annual calendar.

She held a post in a secretive procurement department of the government.

Her bosses have not commented on her axing.

Earlier she explained: “I have such beautiful photos that I wanted to share them.

“This is a brave step for me but I want to be brave.

“In daily life I am a civil servant.”

She stated that her work meant “some obligations, a certain lifestyle” but her work as a state official did not reflect her “inner world”.

One critic complained: “Have our bureaucrats nothing better to do than parade their naked bodies?”


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Another said she was “unfit to be a state official.”

She was accused of “degrading the image” of a civil servant.

She was also criticised for comments that she wanted to one day leave Russia to live in the West.

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