Queen's Speech: Boris Johnson reveals new Grenfell law to make sure tragic fire never happens again

BORIS Johnson has revealed a new Grenfell law to make sure the tragic fire never happens again.

The PM’s plans were revealed in today’s Queen’s Speech where a Fire Safety Bill was outlayed to “protect tenants”.


The Queen told MPs: "New measures will be brought forward to protect tenants and to improve building safety."

Seventy two people lost their lives in the horrific tower blaze in West London and hundreds injured and left without their homes.

Grenfell United, the body for survivors of the tragedy and their loved ones, welcomed the news and hailed the bill as “important” legislation.

The group tweeted: “We urgently need to transform fire safety in this country, too many people are living in dangerous buildings.

“This new regulation will be long overdue we hope these new powers mean authorities will be able to force owners to make their building safe and we finally move from promises to action.

“This bill needs to be hurried, every day action is delayed we risk another fire like Grenfell happening.”

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