Queen builds 3ft MUD barriers outside Sandringham estate to stop tourists parking for free

THE Queen has built 3ft-high MUD barriers outside her Sandringham estate to stop tourists parking there for free.

Her Majesty's staff have piled mounds of earth in six lay-bys along a one-mile stretch of road leading to her royal residence in Norfolk.

In the past, hundreds of people parked their cars along the long grass verge so they could visit the royal estate, which is open to tourists from April to October.

Many also parked there when visiting to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family attending the church on Christmas Day.

Most of the grass verges were blocked off 18 months ago and now the lay-bys, which each fitted around six parked cars, have been closed off too.

It means all visitors to the estate must now park in the official north and west car parks, which cost £3.50 for up to two hours; £5 for up to four hours and £7 for all day.

The charges have been introduced due to a rise in visitors and the money will be used to pay for the increasing cost of maintaining existing facilities.

One local: “The public has had free access to Sandringham for 100 years and I think it’s disgusting that we now have to pay to visit.”

Another resident added: “The estate used to serve the community by providing free access to the grounds, now there are so many tourists and so costly it’s not the same. It’s hugely disappointing.”

Elsewhere, furious locals in Suffolk have started digging 2ft ditches to stop "selfish" tourists from overrunning their beauty spot.

Angry residents dug the obstacles along Shingle Street, on the Suffolk coast, to prevent holidaymakers causing delays of up to 40 minutes.

The Sandringham estate is owned privately by the Queen and was inherited from her father.

The Queen stays there every winter until February 6, the anniversary of her father’s death and the House is also used by other members of the Royal family.

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