Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to US after Diana 'wanted to flee to LA for new life with Dodi' | The Sun

PRINCE Harry and Meghan and Markle followed in the footsteps of Princess Diana when they moved to California – as the royal planned to make the move with Dodi before her death.

The late Princess Of Wales, who tragically died 25 years ago on August 31, planned a full-time move to Los Angeles to focused on charity and philanthropic films and video, her friend and speech coach has revealed.

While Princess Diana was not in love with Dodi Fayed before her death, he did fulfill her romantically and sexually and she was the happiest she'd ever been.

She had also held talks about becoming a global peace ambassador for the United Nations before she died.

That's the insight from Diana’s private voice and presence coach Pearce, who shared many intimate conversations with her in the last two years alive.

Pearce, who is releasing an updated version of his best-selling book Diana: Voice Of Change, spoke exclusively about his friend's plans before her tragic death during a high-speed car accident in Paris, 25 years ago.

He said Diana and Dodi saw Malibu, California as their potential home with her set on doing her charity work from the west coast.

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With Dodi's support and her connections, Diana planned to use Hollywood for good causes.

Years later her son Harry would make the same move, settling in upmarket Montecito and using his wealth and connections to make films and podcasts about causes close to his heart.


"Diana was also very fascinated by the nature of some of the conversations with creative moguls in Los Angeles and the USA," Pearce said.

"She wanted to really move into use of film and video, because video was becoming extraordinarily successful in terms of broadcasting projects and the significant seas around the ethos around the ways we move forward."

"She was having fun for the first time in her life, she had matured into a level of sensuality and sexuality that all women can relate to where they feel held, trusted, considered intelligent, and there is faith in their opinions and creativities. 

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"In other words, Diana felt 99.9 percent supported by Dodi."

"She was really charged with a level of verve, brio, vitality and dynamic force she was excited by as one often is when one has gone through finishing a major relationship that needs to come to a close," Pearce told The Sun. 

"And we move on and suddenly the future looks sparkling."


Pearce admits that Oscar winner Dodi gave Diana a fresh perspective on romance, sexual fulfillment and feeling free after so many decades hamstrung by protocol and family expectations.

"As far as love was concerned, Diana was having an amazing time with Dodi," he said.

"Dodi was a very keen lover – a soft, sensitive, warm and generous individual.

"Was Diana in love with Dodi? No.

"Was she pregnant with Dodi's child? No.

"What she did enjoy was the way she was able to be secured within the warm embrace of what he was all about.


"She was filled with extraordinary brio, excitement and creativity for her future.

"And this was particularly from the point of view that she freed herself from the restraints of the protocol within the Royal Family, 
so she was able through all the contacts she'd made in the prior 12 to 15 years she was able to move into her own project making.

"All of her own creativity came to the fore and this was particularly within the substance of her humanitarian perspective of all the charity endeavors she was involved with.

"But particularly dealing with the very savage cruelty that existed in land mines,  leprosy and the continuing problem concerning HIV and AIDS. Although that has shifted somewhat in the last 25 years in our perspective.  


Pearce also revealed how Diana had a very close relationship with Hillary Clinton during the early part of the 1990s.

He said the pair had talked confidentially about the nature of Diana becoming a peace ambassador for the UN. 

"It was going to be a political appointment, but for the United Nations therefore not affiliated with any country," he said.

"When we look into the world and see the devastation that has taken place as the result of war and the refugee crisis, the way our lives have been blown apart by the greed and cruelty that still exists on the planet.

"I believe Diana would have been one of the greatest spokespeople for moving forward and bringing about permanent peace.

Diana never saw herself as a victim."

"That after all was her raison d'etre conflict in her own domestic situation, not her relationship with Prince Charles, but her relationship as a child.

"Subsequently the same thing took place in terms of betrayal
"And as a result she was victimized

"But Diana never saw herself as a victim."

Pearce, who became Diana's friend during her last two years alive as her voice coach, recalled the devastation he felt when he found out she had passed away.


On a holiday with friends in New Mexico on the "the dreaded day", Pearce only knew about her passing by spotted the front cover of USA Today with a headline: "Diana is dead."

"I was immensely deeply shocked. a sound came out of my being that I have never heard before, like a scream of a frightened animal. I was so embarrassed that I ran and it just so happened that around the block was a church and the padre saw me, opened his arms and I fell into his arms and wept.  It was the most extraordinary situation.

"That is why I feel the immense, passion, fervour and need to write the prologue which has gone into the new Commemorative Edition of the book.

"Although her body may have left us, I feel her spirit is very alive and is immediately necessary in our times as we go through a recovery from a global pandemic with the possibility of a major social economic crisis and our geo-political spheres are quaking.

"In these times we need to be reminded of the extraordinary maxims of what it needs to be a successful human being.

"She gave us faith in ourselves."

Diana met with Pearce, under strict confidentiality, perfecting her voice, poise and expression working with the veteran voice coach, who’d also trained Margaret Thatcher.

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The pair refined her voice technically. using mental exercises to improve her confidence, independence and resolve.

Pearce's commemorative book  is out now on Amazon and in bookstores.

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