Police slammed for slapping Covid fines on over 1,000 pensioners

POLICE have been blasted for slapping Covid fines on more than 1,000 pensioners.

Figures reveal the over 65s forced to cough up £200 for breaking lockdown laws in the past year.

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Three were in their 90s and the oldest was 92, says the National Police Chiefs Council.

Barrister Adam Wagner said: “It’s worrying.”

He added: "All fixed penalty notices should be reviewed urgently."

A National Police Chiefs Council spokesman said: "officers have engaged with the public proportionately, fairly and using common sense, helping people to understand the rules and encouraging them to comply.

"Enforcement has been used when people are not listening to this encouragement or are blatantly ignoring the rules and putting themselves or others at risk.

Police are supposed to follow a policy known as the ‘four Es’.

First they must engage with someone found in breach of the rules.


Then they explain what the person was doing wrong and encourage them to change their behaviour.

Officers should only use their enforcement powers as a last resort.

The standard fine is £200 for a first offence, reduced to £100 if paid within 14 days.

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