Paul Pierce to reveal new venture 'next week' after ESPN firing over video of him partying with strippers

PAUL Pierce vowed he's coming back after his ESPN departure, spilling no secrets but said he's pretty excited for it.

The NBA legend said he's not worried about his ouster from the sports channel following his bizarre Instagram Live story showing him smoking some substance with strippers – and instead vowed an even bigger return.

"Truth gonna bounce back like never before … that's all you gotta know," Pierce claimed to TMZ as he made his way out of Il Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills Friday night.

Theories are rising as to what his bigger and better return would be, with some people thinking he'll be heading to Barstool Sports after its founder Dave Portnoy tweeted to the legend after he left ESPN.

This comes as Pierce has been backed by ESPN host Michelle Beadle after losing his job at the network over an Instagram live stream with twerking strippers.

Beadle showed love to her former ESPN colleague on Instagram joking that they should start a new cooking show and telling him to "book the dancers."

Pierce, 43, had posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday in which he remained optimistic despite the backlash over the racy footage he streamed in the early hours of Saturday morning.

"I want to thank all my supporters, thank all my haters and everything but check it out, bigger and better things coming," he said in the post.

"Don't worry about it. You fall twice, you get up three times. You know, just always remember to smile."

"Bigger and better things on the Way. #truth," he repeated in the caption.

Beadle was among several celebrities to send her support to Pierce, who named his social media account "The Truth," after fans harshly criticised the former analyst.

“Looks like our cooking and dance show can finally happen," she wrote.

“You book the dancers. I’ll grab some grub. Boom. Emmy.”

"Green Light Gang ! what we doing?" added rapper 50Cent.

It was confirmed on Monday that ESPN had cut ties the controversial ex-Boston Celtics player.

It came after he failed to apologize for live streaming on his Instagram account as he took shots with bikini-clad women and filmed them twerking on the ground.

The married, father-of-three was also shown receiving a neck massage from one of the women as he smoked what appeared to be marijuana.

The NBA superstar has not yet commented directly on his controversial live stream posted in the early hours of Saturday morning, only on his firing.

His name was trending on Twitter on Saturday afternoon as fans called for him to apologize and predicted that he would be disciplined by ESPN.

Later that day, the former ESPN analyst had returned to Twitter to say "good morning" but did not answer questions about the video.

On Monday, he returned to Twitter again, seemingly in high spirts, despite his firing announcement.

"I can’t lose even when I lose I’m winning," he said.

It followed a video posted several hours earlier in which Pierce claimed "big things coming soon."

"Stay tuned make sure u smile," he wrote.

The New York Post reports that ESPN fired the analyst, who was a top contributor on the shows NBA Countdown and The Jump, because he posted the video of his own accord.

Should he have been filmed without his knowledge, he might still have a job, insiders said.

Pierce appeared unfazed by the backlash even as fans asked him about his wife during the lifestream.

"What does his wife think?" one asked.

Pierce has been married to his wife Julie for ten years.

The couple first began dating during the All-Star weekend back in 2005 and have two daughters and a son.

The sportstar played in the NBA for 19 years and was the MVP of the 2008 NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics.

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