Ozzy the Rottweiler shows baby 'sister' how to say 'Mama'

Clever dog! Hilarious moment Ozzy the Rottweiler shows baby ‘sister’ how to say ‘Mama’

  • Ozzy the Rottweiler flaunted his impressive talking skills to his mother and sister 
  • Baby Amy tried her best to repeat ‘mama’ to her mother before Ozzy stepped in
  • While howling, he showed his ‘sister’ how it is done, appearing to say ‘mama’ 

A Rottweiler named Ozzy tried to help his baby sister along with her speech by showing her how to repeat back to their mother.  

Little Amy’s mother was trying to encourage her to speak when her furry brother Ozzy decided to help her out in Greeley, Colorado.  

The two-year-old dog often speaks to his mom and other humans and so decided to step in for his sister who was struggling to say ‘mama’. 

Little Amy was trying her best to say ‘mama’ back to her mother but could only let out a coo on Monday in Greeley, Colorado

Their mother speaks sweetly to the baby, repeating ‘mama’ to the youngster who reacts back by cooing. 

As the little girl, dressed in a white romper which says ‘I drank too much last night’, tries her best to get the sounds out, Ozzy decides to show off his own impressive skills. 

He can be heard groaning in the background of the video, which was recorded on Monday.

Her furry brother Ozzy decided to step in and show her how it is done, appearing to repeat ‘mama’ back to Amy’s mother

The camera then pans to Ozzy who is sat beside the mother and baby patiently, waiting to flaunt his trick. 

The mother turns to the 150lb dog and says: ‘You can say mom?’

And surprisingly, Ozzy lets out a small howl before he appears to say it back to her.   

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