Owner of sex club ‘banned’ by Facebook says, ‘Zuckberg needs to f**k more… we’ve got a private room if he wants it’. – The Sun

A PROMINANT sex club owner dealing with the frustrations of social media censorship thinks Mark Zuckerberg “needs to get f****d more.”

Self-styled Chief Conspiriator Daniel Saynt, who founded the New Society For Wellness (NSFW) in Manhattan, has blasted Zuck for what he deems to be “discrimination” when it comes to sexual content on social.

“If Mark Zuckerberg was getting f****d more he wouldn’t be so asinine about his approach to [sexual content and] sex workers on Instagram and Facebook,” Saynt told The Sun Online.

“We can help him, we have a private [room] we can send him to,” he quipped.

Saynt’s comments come after NSFW was issued with with two Instagram violations over the past week.

Although one was related to a post containing sexual art, Saynt said the second was slightly more confusing.

“It was a picture of a flower that had a milky dew drop,” he sighed. “A f***ing flower … ”

Instagram’s guidelines state they don’t allow nudity for a variety of reasons, while Facebook also “restricts the display of nudity or sexual activity.”

But this isn’t the first time the SoHo sex club has had issues when it comes to marketing their raunchy romping ground online.

Saynt said PayPal suspended NSFW’s account and allegedly held $3,500 for 180 days until their Harper’s Bazaar profile dropped last week.

NSFW no longer have an account with the company and Saynt is currently going through the banking process to get the club’s money back.

Instagram also shut down their account last year, resulting in a loss of 59,000 followers, he recalled.

Saynt was understandably wary of setting up another account.

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But he said their new four-month-old page is slowly but surely growing with 6,506 followers.

For this savvy social media marketer, the struggle is real when it comes to restrictive community guidelines on various platforms, where “even talking about sex is a crime.”

“It’s really frustrating,” he said on Monday morning. “We can’t advertise. The fact that we have 2,000 members is all from word-of-mouth and press.”

We can help [Zuckerberg], we have a private room we can send him to.

“Everything is wild and free in America but in all honesty, a lot of sexual repression has taken place over the past 30 years.”

Last week, it was revealed that Saynt intends to create the “SoulCycle of sex” with NSFW and “revolutionise the way the world f***s.”

Given his credentials, this “sex and cannibis evangelist” certainly knows what he’s talking about in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Saynt had acquired extensive experience in fashion and luxury lifestyle marketing before he founded NSFW back in 2016.

His impressive resume includes working as the Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Digital for Nylon Media, as well as the Chief Marketing Officer for Rebecca Minkoff.

For Saynt, founding and running NSFW has been “so much struggle and so much effort” when it comes to getting their name out there.

But he has persevered.

Despite Instagram and Facebook’s nudity policing, NYC’s non vanilla sex scene would appear to be thriving as this “war on sex” continues.

At NSFW’s secret location, curious couples, BDSM enthusiasts, and high profile New Yorkers can loose and explore their sexuality in a safe space.

“We have some people in terms of winners of the big awards and stuff,” Saynt said of their celeb clientelle. “I can’t really say much on that. They exist in their own little ways …”

Saynt confirmed that there are plans to conquer five major European cities once the franchise documentation goes through next year, thanks to one member who may provide “a fairly large” investment.

The only stipulation is to wear black and leave your shame at the dungeon door after going through NSFW’s stringent vetting process.

Really, he says, it’s all about connecting in person rather than through a screen: “There are no phones allowed so people are with each other have a chance to meet people.

“Or realise where they know each other from. Co-workers, neighbors. It’s actually happened!” Saynt added.

He cited one couple who met and married after meeting at NSFW one fateful night, as well as numerous plus ones who found each other amid the sex sessions, lube and condoms.

In fact, he says, married couples are often found at one of their Play Date sessions on Saturdays not long after the honeymoon.

“We’re a love club,” Saynt declared. “If [anyone is] held up on what’s happening here I think it’s because they themselves have a very negative view of sex.

“Otherwise, they just hate themselves because sex is great and they should enjoy it. They should live their life in pursuit of great sex.

There are nobler causes like climate change and stuff but going after great sex? Why not!

“There are nobler causes like climate change and stuff but going after great sex? Why not!”

Saynt said he created the soon-to-be-franchise to create a community of likeminded people – as well as addressing the “40-year-old virgin” epidemic.

“We’ve created a generation of millenials who are, in a lot of ways, terrified of sex,” the former Jehovah’s Witness said. “You have an increase in social media, you have an increase in dating apps.

“While hookup culture has become very popular amongst the population … you have a lot of people not having sex in that sense.”

Saynt is not wrong: 2018 saw record lows when it came to US adults reporting no sex in the past year, which was coupled with high-risk sexual practices.

New York’s king of kink cited numerous catalysts for this national dry spell, like negative knee jerk reactions to the important MeToo movement, a lack of adequate sex education, and shame.

“Movies like 50 Shades of Grey came out and were really popular but we’re not really teaching people about BDSM or about those relationships,” he explained.

For Saynt, enthusiastic consent is key for a good time and he’s hoping to educate the masses on everything and everything, whether it’s rope play or a dom doing a live session.

He thinks sex education needs to extend “outside the spectrum of straight” in the US and shed the shame:

“We shouldn’t end human sexual evolution because some people don’t feel comfortable with what other people are doing in their bedroom.”

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