Nancy Pelosi slammed as hypocrite for praising storming of Wisconsin State Capitol in 2011

HOUSE Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been branded a "hypocrite", after comments resurfaced of her praising the storming of the Wisconsin State Capitol in 2011.

Pelosi praised the incident as an "impressive show of democracy in action" after up to 100,000 people stormed the building in protest of then-Governor Scott Walker's proposed bill to end collective bargaining for the majority of public workers.

Pelosi took to Twitter to express her support and "solidarity" for the cause, yet the 2011 protests somewhat mirror the Capitol riots on January 6 – that she branded an "assault on our democracy".

The House Speaker was extremely vocal in her disgust at the shocking attack on the U.S. Capitol earlier this month, when MAGA supporters stormed the building.

One rioter casually posed with his feet sitting on Pelosi's desk while another stole the House podium from the chambers.

Five people were killed during the deadly insurrection, including a Capitol Police officer and a Trump supporter.

The shocking attack that targeted the heart of American democracy saw the historical Capitol building in tatters, as windows were smashed, doors broken down and vandals let loose, in a bid to prevent certification of Joe Biden's electoral win.

Despite the attack being regarded as unprecedented across the world, it is almost identical to the Wisconsin riots.

Unionists stormed the building, breaking down doors and crawling through windows, on a hunt for Republican lawmakers.

Protestors took physical occupation of the building and even established a fully functioning community inside – complete with a sleeping area, an information center and a medic station.

Similar to the events of January 6, lawmakers were ushered to safety by police – but a Democrat alerted the mob, creating a stand-off in the secret tunnel.

Senators were forced to hide under stairwells until police managed to form a human wall to escort them to the safety of a bus, which then had its windows smashed by the mob who started rocking the bus.

The events eerily echo the experiences of lawmakers who were lay on the floor sheltering behind chairs in the House gallery, as rioters made their way through the building.

Pelosi quickly pursued Donald Trump's second impeachment after the violence had subsided, for "inciting" the attempted coup.

The tyranny saw both sides of the political aisle denouncing the assault, as well as Trump for encouraging it.

Pelosi has since come under fire for her "hypocritical" stance, after Fox News contributor Mark Thiessen highlighted her previous remarks, who said that "in other words, Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it."

Online users condemned her insincerity, writing "This is Nancy Pelosi 10yrs ago when protestors stormed & violently took over and squatted in the Wisconsin State Capital. My how things change! Hypocrite! #DemocratHypocrisy."

Another wrote, "They were senators hiding and fearing for their life in 2011 and she said it was great what the people did. Hypocrite! Same thing she’s opposing now!"

One posted, "Do we see a double standard here? Can someone use this as a defense for the fake impeachment?"

Others took the opportunity to swipe at the opposition, "The first lesson in politics – you spell Democrats 'H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S'."

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