My son is too scared to live in our home as mould is in 'every room' & makes him so sick he's 'missed school for weeks'

A MUM claims her 10-year-old son is terrified to live in their mouldy house after it allegedly made him so unwell he was forced to miss weeks of school.

Kirsty Brown, 29, feels "stuck" in her flat in Bromley, South East London, where she lives with her asthmatic son Kylan.

The mum-of-one said her son has suffered from a chest infection while living at the property and at one point his health was so bad medics put him on steroids.

Her son's school and his doctor have also since contacted Hyde Group Housing association – which manages the property – after he reportedly missed weeks of class due to repeated illness.

Kirsty told My London: “My son is scared to live in his own house. He cries his eyes out.

“It’s been going on for 10 years. I have damp and mould in every single room. I have ongoing leaks on the floors.

“And it stinks. You can smell the damp.”

Hyde Group Housing is trying to move Kirsty and her son out in order to carry out repairs.

But the closest temporary accommodation they can find them is an hour-and-a-half away from Kylan's school.

In Kirsty's living room, thick mould can be seen growing behind the wallpaper causing it to peel away.

Hyde put in padding to fix the mould problem in the mum's bedroom, but it is already coming back.

Meanwhile in Kylan’s room, water springs out from the floorboards causing puddles to form in minutes.

Kirsty has now moved her son out of his room for fears he will get more ill, and the young lad is now sleeping on a mattress in the living room.

There is also the issue of exposed piping, which run at boiling temperatures from the front door through to Kylan’s room and around his walls.

Kirsty has urged Hyde to re-house her and her son and she was recently offered temporary housing in Croydon – an hour and a half away from her son’s school.

But she says the issue will take longer to fix than two weeks.

According to the mum, Hyde installed a dehumidifier to her flat to help with the mould, but she said the problem is too far gone for this to help and instead just adds money to her electricity bill.


They also offered her £1,000 compensation, and a wheelie dehumidifier, about half her height, that they advised her to use in the property.

Mark Batchelor, Interim Chief Property Officer at the Hyde Group said: “We really want to get these problems sorted out for Ms Brown as soon as possible.

"We have contractors lined up ready to do the work and will be fitting a brand new bathroom to address the leaks.

"Unfortunately, we can’t do the work while Ms Brown and her family are there as it would cause too much disruption so we have made various offers of alternative accommodation and offered to pay for transport to help her son get to and from school while the works are being carried out.

"We don’t have empty homes in her local area that we could offer her but we are working really hard to find something suitable so that we can get this essential work completed as soon we can.

"We do understand that Ms Brown really wants to be rehoused and have been supporting her in liaising with the local authority, who is responsible for the housing waiting list.”

A Bromley Council Spokesman said: “When the extent of the problems were brought to the attention of the Council, support was provided through the Council’s Housing Enforcement Team working with Hyde to identify the cause of the problems in order that they could be properly rectified.

"We very much hope, and are assured, that the necessary lessons have been learned and that Hyde is able to support their tenant whilst works are carried out."

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