My Little Pony fanatic, 38, sued by boyfriend, 65, on Judge Rinder as he was so annoyed by her £20,000 collection

A MY Little Pony fanatic was sued by her boyfriend after he got fed up with her £20,000 collection. 

Miranda Worby, 38, is so potty about ponies she has more than 2,500 of them and spends an hour a day searching for more. 

Her partner of 11 years, Ian Langston, 65, got so annoyed by her obsession he trotted her off to court on Judge Rinder.

Retired tattoo artist Ian said: “I get up in the morning, go into the bathroom and it’s a horror story because there are ponies watching you.

“I go downstairs to the kitchen, they’re watching you put the kettle on.

“You make a cup of tea, have breakfast, and there’s ponies on the table – there’s nothing worse than being stared at by 40 ponies when you’re trying to eat.

“The front room, there’s ponies in there. The spare room, there’s ponies in there. 

“I open the bedroom blinds and lo and behold there are two ponies on the windowsill.

“The only place there aren’t any ponies is in the garden.”

Miranda’s obsession began when she was just three years old, but she didn’t start collecting them seriously until 1999.

Now she estimates she has spent about £15,000 of My Little Pony paraphernalia, but her collection is probably worth £20,000.

She said: “I’ve always had them, ever since I was a kid. They were my favourite toy. 

“And when I was younger I wanted every single one so I kept on pestering my mum for more. 

“And then it got to about 1999 when I started seriously collecting them. 

“Obviously, with eBay and other auction rooms, they were starting to pop up online and now they’re even easier to find. 

“I just love the fact that they're so colourful and all different. And you can just pick them up and take them with you.”

Miranda is constantly on the lookout for new ones and has travelled all over the country to find them – even locating them when she and Ian go on holiday. 

She said: “I spend a good hour or so every day trawling through sites looking for stuff. 

“I would say that the postman delivers them at least four or five times a week. It’s quite scary.”

The couple, from Lowestoft, Suffolk, met in 2009 when Miranda visited Ian’s shop for a My Little Pony tattoo.

They hit it off and moved in together in October 2016, when Miranda had about 1,000 in her collection.

In 2019, Miranda convinced Ian to move house to make room for her ever-growing hoard.

Their new home has a whole room dedicated to My Little Pony, which they call ‘the stable’. 

Miranda said: “It’s a fairly big room and it’s got about 10 or 12 bookcases in. It’s just floor to ceiling full of ponies.”

Ian said he consented to the room, but he “didn’t have a lot of choice”. 

Miranda, who owns a marine fish shop, is adamant she tries to keep the plastic ponies to the stable but sometimes she ends up “bringing a few downstairs”. 

She added: “They just end up sitting on the side for a few weeks. I think that's what annoys Ian the most, when they start appearing around the house. 

“The whole point we moved was for me to have a room to put them in, so I think he thought they'd stay there instead of being dotted about everywhere.”

Miranda is so obsessed with her stampede of plastic ponies she even gives them “spa days” and bathes with them.

She said: “I know spa days sound pretty weird. But obviously, if you get one that's secondhand, sometimes they've got matted hair or they're dirty. 

“Rather than me standing over the sink, I just chuck them in the bath with me. 

“I give them a clean with a Magic Eraser, shampoo and condition their hair, give it a comb, and style it how I want it to sit. 

“Then I just leave them on the side to dry for the next day – so when Ian goes to the bathroom they’re all lined up on the side of the bath.”


And it’s not just cleaning them. Miranda also spends hours dusting her little four-legged friends.

She said: “I literally start at one end of the pony room, take them all off the shelves, clean them all with a soft cloth, and put them all back.

“By the time I get round to the other side it is basically time to start again.”

The couple say they never want to get married, although Miranda said if they did they would “definitely have a My Little Pony themed wedding”. 

On Judge Rinder, Ian attempted to claim £239.90 after Miranda purchased storage units to display her ponies using his bank card without his permission. 

Miranda claimed the units helped to keep the house tidy so she should not have to pay the money and owed nothing.

The units were bought on several occasions, including once at an auction where Miranda registered herself as Ian. 

Miranda, who claims she was going to pay him back, said: “Each time I had a little bit of extra money I thought I would give him the money back, but then another pony would appear online and I’d end up spending it on that.”

Judge Rinder ruled that because Miranda put Ian’s name down at the auction and bid on his behalf without his “reasonable consent”, she was legally responsible. 

She had to pay £150 but said “it was probably the right decision”.

The episode aired on February 4 and is available to watch online via the ITV Hub.

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