Mum horrified after spotting creepy ghoul face lurking in son's buggy in family snap

A MUM was left horrified after spotting a creepy face lurking in her son's buggy after taking family snaps at Christmas.

Stewart and Natalie Wright, both 31, had taken son Roman out for the day over the festive period.

But when they returned from their day out in Tynemouth, North Tyneside, they spotted a sinister face in the plastic covering of the one-year-old's buggy.

And the couple say the ghoulish, green visage looks eerily like the evil nun from 2018 horror flick The Nun.

Marketing manager, Stewart, of Whitley Bay, said: "We had been out for the day.

"When we got home, Natalie was having a look and putting photos on Instagram.

"Roman had been fast asleep in his buggy and then one photo looked like he was sitting up."

But when the couple looked closer at the image, they had a shock.

"We realised it wasn't him – and then we saw the face," Stewart said.

"We both think it looks like The Nun from the horror film, which is terrifying."

And the couple weren't the only ones to spot the face.

"One of our mates said, 'Roman looks really haunted in that photo'," Stewart said.

"But when the photo was taken, Roman was sleeping horizontally.

"We know it wasn't him.

"I'm guessing it's an unfortunate crinkle in the buggy sheet but it's definitely freaked us out.

"Perhaps there's a ghost haunting Tynemouth Front Street.

"Everyone was saying it was a nice Christmas omen as it was Christmas Eve but we definitely thought otherwise.

"It's very creepy."

Elsewhere, a terrified woman says she saw a disturbing face staring at her as she lay in her hospital bed in Australia.

The Brisbane woman said she spotted an unusual shape in the vents above her bed – and believed it might have been moving.

Her daughter-in-law said: "It would blink, move, and look around the room.

"Some times it was there, other times it wasn’t.

"She could feel something looking at her, keeping an eye on her."

And a sinister 'face' snapped in a sewer in Northern Ireland caused horror film fans to draw comparisons with the villain in Stephen King's It.

However, the apparition is believed to have been caused by light from a torch falling onto sewer walls.

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