Moment 'zombie' shark attacks prey just inches away from stunned diver – and everyone is saying the same thing

THIS is the terrifying moment a 'zombie' shark attacks its prey just inches away from a stunned diver – and everyone is saying the same thing.

Euan Rannachan, 36, was at Guadalupe island, about 125 miles off the coast of mainland Mexico, when the great white came within sight and lingered in the water.

Euan films from a metal cage hanging from a boat in order to get the incredible close-up.

The shark then swims to the top of the water before biting onto some bait and thrashing it around the water.

While swimming off with his prey, the shark quickly opens her mouth, showing off her razor-sharp teeth, before managing to gulp it down even further.

"I have seen this shark more than once, I don’t remember her name but she is a female that we had seen at the island before,” Euan told


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"Guadalupe island is a migration path for a couple different kinds of seals and makes for a great place for a white shark to have a snack.

"We donate all our photos to Marine Conservation Science Index (MCSI) in Mexico who compiles a database of all the sharks we see.

"And with the help of the sharks’ different countershading patterns and sometimes other unique markings, we can tell who is who in the water."

Euan explained why the shark closes her eyes in the clip, saying: "They close their eyes because sometimes dinner fights back.

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"So the white shark deploys a sort of shield if you will over their eyes when they go into attack mode just to make sure their eyes will be fine and survive the battle."

Viewers on YouTube were stunned by the close interaction.

One person said: "100% zombie shark right there."

Another called the predator as "scary" while a third cleared any confusion.

"That's not a zombie," they posted, "that's the eye shutting to protect it from debris or blood".

It is one of Euan's aims to change the stereotype of sharks, by sharing his work and showing what he can do.

He said: "I have loved sharks ever since I was a little boy, but I did not dive with white sharks till 2016.

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"After doing it one time I became hooked and started a company taking people out to Guadalupe Island to see the sharks with a good Friend Nikki."

"It is my goal with my content now to help change the negative stigma attached to sharks, and help empower people to do things they never thought they could!"

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