Moment eco zealots scale wire fence in bid to break into oil terminal

Moment Scottish offshoot of Just Stop Oil scale wire fences as they stage middle of the night break-in at oil terminal before police foil their plans

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Climate activists have been arrested by Scottish police after they attempted to scale wire fences in the middle of the night to break into an oil terminal. 

A number of This is Rigged protestors, which is a Scottish offshoot of Just Stop Oil, can be seen trespassing into the Grangemouth oil terminal.

One of the eco zealots is stopped by a police officer as they attempt to climb the fence while two others were able to get away and run towards the main gates of the terminal. 

Each of the protestors were fitted with metal chains which could potentially have been used to tie themselves to objects once they were over the fence.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of protestors at the Ineos site in Grangemouth.

This is the moment climate activists from a Scottish offshoot of Just Stop Oil tried to scale a wire fence to break into an oil terminal 

The eco zealots from This Is Rigged can be seen trying to climb over the fence

‘A number of arrests have been made and officers remain in attendance.’

It is now suspected that Police Scotland have increased their presence on the site following previous protests. 

READ MORE: Moment eco-vandals spray paint on a portrait of King Charles

This latest attempt to break into the Grangemouth oil terminal comes after This Is Rigged destroyed a portrait of King Charles earlier this month by writing ‘The people are mightier than a Lord’ on it in spray-paint.

Two people from This Is Rigged vandalised the painting in Edinburgh’s National Portrait Gallery.

Footage shows one holding a stencil on the glass covering the painting, while the other sprays it with pink paint. 

The Scottish activist group also blocked the access road to Scotland’s only oil refinery by sticking themselves to the ground using concrete and superglue in yet another stunt.

The climate activists said four of their number used concrete to secure themselves to the road and delay their removal by police, while a further two used glue to stick themselves to their compatriots. 

The group, which has demanded the Scottish Government vocally oppose new licences for fossil fuel developments and ‘and create a fair and fully funded transition for oil workers’, claimed the action has effectively halted the transportation of oil tankers from the facility. 

Scottish police officers can be heard saying ‘don’t pull’ to the protestors

One of the This Is Rigged protestors managed to climb over the fence

He can then be seen running past a man towards the front gates of the terminal 

Police can then be seen detaining other protestors who did not manage to climb the fence

Another clip shows the protestors in action outside the oil terminal 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of protestors at the Ineos site in Grangemouth’

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