MI5 & FBI warn China is biggest long-term threat to West with 'Beijing stealing our tech and state secrets' | The Sun

CHINA is the biggest long-term threat to the West, MI5 and the FBI warned last night.

Beijing plans to ransack our secrets and steal technology, their bosses said.

It is using repression to shape the world in its favour, they added, in the first joint address in the agencies’ history.

MI5 chief Ken McCallum said his spooks were running seven times more investigations into China than in 2018.

FBI head Christopher Wray said it was opening one China-linked case every 24 hours.

Mr McCallum said presumptions that closer ties with President Xi Jinping’s China would see it change were wrong.

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He said: “The most game-changing challenge we face comes from an increasingly authoritarian Chinese Communist Party

“It’s covertly applying pressure across the globe. It’s real and it’s pressing. We need to act.”

Director Wray said China was drawing lessons from Russia’s attack on Ukraine and said there were fears China might try to forcibly take over Taiwan.

He said Beijing had a vast spy network and a hacking programme “bigger than every other major country combined”.

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China, he said, was the “biggest long-term threat” to the economies and national security of the UK and the US.

He added that MI5, FBI and others in the free world made a ­“formidable team” to fight back.

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