McDonald's customer fights delivery riders in Dalston, London

Just BEAT! Moment brawl breaks out between McDonald’s customer and fast-food delivery riders inside east London branch on July 19 ‘Freedom Day’

  • Man started fight with at least two delivery riders in fast-food branch in Dalston 
  • He violently slapped and wrestled riders who were wearing crash helmets 
  • ‘How stupid do you have to be to be slapping crash helmets!’ said one commenter on social media 
  • Freedom Day created euphoria among people after all restrictions were lifted
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A McDonald’s customer was filmed fighting with helmet-wearing fast-food delivery riders during a brutal brawl that broke out inside an east London restaurant. 

The incident took place in the chain restaurant in Dalston and is believed to have been filmed on Freedom Day, July 19.  

In the video, the enraged customer takes on a group of delivery riders wearing crash helmets, slapping one of them before wrestling and punching another driver. 

A man (above, in black top) started a fight with delivery drivers in a McDonald’s in Dalston, east London. The customer pointed at the riders and provoked them by slapping and punching them 

A delivery rider in a purple t-shirt joined the fight and slapped the man numerous times. He grabbed the customer by his wrists and pulled him against the wall 

The customer first has a heated row with one delivery rider in front of a group of his other crash-helmet wearing colleagues.

The man violently slaps the rider around his helmet before punching another driver.

A woman in blue trousers tries to restrain him but he forcibly pushes her away.

He then takes on the entire group of delivery riders and proceeds to brawl with one helmet-wearing driver in a purple t-shirt.

The pair wrestle, punch and kick each other but the man in the purple t-shirt gets one up on the customer, grabbing him by his wrists and pushing him against a wall.

The rider in the purple t-shirt tries to restrain the furious customer as he continues to square up to him and the clip ends.  

The customer first punched a delivery rider in a black jacket (far right) who slapped him back but walked away and did not continue fighting him 

A woman in blue trousers tried to de-escalate the brawl by putting herself between the man and the drivers but she was pushed away

Social media users commented on the foolishness of the customer trying to fight men who were all wearing helmets.

One viewer wrote ‘How stupid do you have to be to be slapping crash helmets!’

Another individual jokingly remarked that the customer’s hand must be injured after hitting so many helmets with it: ‘Uno my man’s hand was hurting after he clapped that helmet’. 

‘Either very brave or very stupid to [go] up against a guy with a full-blown crash helmet… I’ll go with the latter,’ said another viewer. 

Metropolitan Police said they had no knowledge of an incident at the restaurant on Monday.

After Freedom Day, most COVID-19 restrictions in England were lifted, as the country moved to step four of the coronavirus lockdown roadmap due to the success in the vaccination programme. 

More than 46million people have received their first jab in the UK but scientists warn the country about the danger of reopening when the Delta variant remains a threat.

The expectation for Freedom Day turned into uncontrollable euphoria on Monday, with many returning to cinemas, concert halls, restaurants and stadiums, which now can be open to full capacity. 

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