Married teacher, 35, claims she couldn't have had sex with pupil, 15, as she was 'too busy'

A MARRIED teacher accused of having outdoor sex with a 15-year-old pupil told a jury today that she was 'too busy' to have romped with him.

Kandice Barber, 35, is accused of mounting the 15-year-old lad in her 4×4, having sex with him in a field and performing a sex act on him in the driveway of her family home.

But she said that it wouldn't have been possible – because she doesn't have the time amid taking care of her children and attempting to foster.

The complainant alleged the pair had sex once, on October 10 2018.

But Barber told a court today: "It couldn't be possible.

"On October 10, I had a meeting with the foster care organisation which started at 4.30pm, and [the official] probably left at 6.30pm.

"Both my husband and I for quite some time had been going through a fostering process but we had decided so try for a baby.

"We decided to close the application while we had a baby. This date demonstrates the meeting we had with her.

"After that, I would have had to make packed lunches for my children for the next day and sort out their school uniform."

She also recalled details of her packed schedule around the dates she allegedly met the teenage boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, for sex.

On October 11, she went to a concert with a pal – while on another occasion, a friend stayed over before Barber took her to the airport, the court heard.

She also spoke of a close relationship with her husband, who even got a tattoo to surprise her.

Sharing messages from October 1, when the pair were hoping to have another baby, she said: "The plan was for my husband and I to have sex that night.

"He was getting a tattoo done so he said to ‘be gentle.’ He went to get a tattoo of an old school microphone, as he has an amazing singing voice.

"He got a blue and a red heart tattoo as a surprise for me. We always send them to each other, it's our thing."

The court heard the mum-of-three Googled 'good secluded areas' and 'alibi' – before having sex with the student.

She has denied any physical affair. But jurors heard she made a series of searches on her phone – a month before the pupil alleges the pair had sex.

Cops found the search terms after seizing Barber's phone following her arrest at the school.

Detective Constable Collette Parker told Amersham Law Courts the defendant had looked up 'what is the relationship title of someone you're having an affair with' at 5am on September 30.

Later that day, she allegedly searched for the word 'alibi' before Googling 'when you have a plan of where you've been' and 'a lie of where you have been'.

The next evening, Barber Googled 'good secluded areas' and 'Holiday Inn Wycombe', it was heard.

DC Parker said she arrested the teacher at the school.

"I arrested her on suspicion of abuse of trust and sexual activity with a child," the Thames Valley Police officer said.

"She went white and was shaking. I seized her mobile phone and she was then taken to be interviewed."

Barber then prepared a written statement, which read: "I categorically deny that I have ever had sexual intercourse with this boy.

"I have never seen him naked and he has never seen me naked."

Yesterday, it was alleged that Barber told the complainant to delete all her sexy messages to him after their romps were exposed.

The court heard when she was confronted by the school’s headteacher she appeared "shocked" and denied the allegations.

But she then told the pupil “to delete everything and block her number” after realising their secret was slipping out, it's alleged.

When an explicit photo of Barber emerged, the student finally admitted the relationship, “shaking” as he confessed to the school's headteacher, jurors heard.

The head then called police.

Barber, of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, denies three counts of causing or inciting a child aged under 16 years to engage in a sexual act.

The court has previously heard claims the mum is so “tiny” she only came up to the teenager’s shoulder – making the logistics of their alleged romps impossible.

And jurors have been told Barber is already convicted of sending a video to the boy, showing her pleasuring herself while on a bed surrounded by sex toys.

The trial continues.

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